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Maine Tree Club Accepting New Members

Contact: Amy Witt, Horticulturist
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
PO Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104
Tel. 780-4205 or 1-800-287-11471

PORTLAND, Me. — They attract tourists by the thousands, provide the foundation for the state economy, and deliver constant inspiration to area artists and poets. Trees are at the root of Maine’s identity. Now, Maine citizens and visitors have a chance to learn more about the habits and the needs of trees. They can join the Maine Tree Club, an educational project of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, the Maine Forest Service and the Pine Tree State Arboretum.

The club is designed for people of all ages to learn about trees. Participants will be equipped with the skills to recognize 50 different types of trees over the next two years. Every month, participants will receive mailings that highlight two species of Maine trees. At least four outings are scheduled around the state in 2006 to get people into the woods for hands-on learning and enjoyment. These outings, guided by experts, are planned for the mountains, coastal regions and other parts of Maine.

“As a kid, I learned a bit about trees, but there is so much more to know,” says UMaine Cooperative Extension Educator Richard Brzozowski of Cumberland County. “Trees are a magnificent part of nature! UMaine Cooperative Extension presents the Maine Tree Club so that anyone, from kids to grandparents, can learn how to identify trees and understand their importance.”

In addition to the 24 monthly mailings and the outings, participants will receive a hand lens for a close-up look at tree parts and pieces, an attractive notebook, a pocket guide to Maine trees, and several practical guides related to tree growth and care. Much of what people will learn as members of the Maine Tree Club can be easily applied in their own yard and community. The annual registration fee for involvement in the Maine Tree Club is $15 per person, $25 per couple, $30 per family and $60 per group (plus the costs of the hand lens). A limited number of Maine Tree Club Scholarships are available for those in need.

Request a free informational brochure by calling the University of Maine Cooperative Extension at 1-800-287-1471, emailing, or visiting the Maine Tree Club website at

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