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Students to Face Tough Values Questions

Contact: Kay Hyatt at (207) 581-2761

ORONO, Maine — How do young people learn to deal with the tough dilemmas that pose questions of ethical decision-making and require deeper thinking about personal and community values? More than 50 students from schools across the state will define and explore such issues at the Developing Leaders with Moral Courage summit, taking place Tuesday, Nov. 30 at the University of Maine.

Conducted by the National Center for Student Aspirations of UMaine’s College of Education and Human Development, the summit is expected to draw student leaders and those with leadership potential from more than a dozen school ranging from Carrabec High School in Anson to Sumner High School in Sullivan and from Belfast High School to Forest Hills Consolidated School in Jackman. The summit is sponsored by a $10,000 gift from the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation.

The summit will focus on the moral courage (choosing to stick to one’s values in the face of opposition and the risk of personal sacrifice) needed to make wise and meaningful decisions even when faced with “right vs. right” situations. Students will consider values such as citizenship, commitment, honesty, freedom, respect, responsibility, obedience and trust as they ponder the moral courage needed to put values into action. Activities will focus on doing the right thing, even when no one is looking or when the decision may not be popular, as they weigh dilemmas of trust vs. loyalty, self vs. community, short-term vs. long-term, and justice vs. mercy.

Dave Goldsworthy, a leadership and responsibility motivational speaker from New Zealand will be the keynote speaker, opening the summit and setting the tone for the day at 8:30 a.m.

The summit takes place at Wells Conference Center. Media are welcome to attend. Contacts at the summit are Carla Ritchie and Sharon Wilson-Barker, co-directors of the National Center for Student Aspirations. An agenda follows:

Developing Leaders with Moral Courage Summit

Tuesday, November 30, 2004
8 am — 2:30pm
Wells Conference Center
University of Maine

8 a.m. — 8:30–Registration and Refreshments

8:30 — 9:15–Dave Goldsworthy –   Keynote Speaker                                  

9:20 — 11:30–Session I — Break-out groups

  • Values Reflection

  • Defining Moral Courage

  • Decision Making Process

11:30 — 12:15 p.m.–Lunch (Includes Values Auction; what are people betting on and battling over?)

12:15 — 1:40–Session II — Break- out groups

  • Scenarios

  • What will you do?

  • How will you tell your story?

1:45 — 2:15–Reflection

2:15 — 2:30–Closing Remarks & Certificate Presentation

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