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Solutions Newsletter - SSI at a Glance

In our first two years, we’ve built capacity and connections with institutions of higher learning, stakeholders and communities throughout Maine. Today, SSI researchers are working on more than two dozen projects around the state focused on advancing economic and community development while protecting our environment. Here’s a brief look at the numbers for 2010.

SSI Research Retreat, Foster Innovation Center, University of Maine

  • 108 Faculty researchers
  • 26 Interdisciplinary research teams
  • 13 Participating Maine universities and colleges
  • 148 Stakeholder organizations
  • 1,709 Participants indirectly supported through outreach, workforce development, and collaborative activities
  • 343 Individuals receiving direct support, including:
    • 115 New positions
    • 48 Graduate student internships
    • 144 Undergraduate student internships
    • 21 High school student internships
    • 36 Articles published in peer-reviewed journals
    • 100+ Presentations at professional conferences

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