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Maginnis Lab2

Melissa Maginnis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Ph.D. (2007) Vanderbilt University, Microbiology and Immunology
Research: Identification and Characterization of Cellular Determinants of Reovirus Internalization
Advisor: Terry Dermody, M.D.
Dermody Lab

Postdoctoral Training: Brown University
Research: Molecular Mechanisms of JC Polyomavirus Attachment and Entry
Advisor: Walter Atwood, Ph.D.
Atwood Lab

Graduate students:

Jeanne DuShane; Graduate Program in Biochemistry

Colleen Mayberry; Graduate Program in Microbiology

Kashif Mehmood; Fulbright Scholar, Graduate Program in Microbiology

Michael Wilczek; Graduate Program in Microbiology

Undergraduate students:

Laura Horowitz; University of Maine, 2017 (Capstone student)

Conner LaJoie; University of Maine, 2017 (Capstone student, Honors College)

Ashley Soucy; University of Maine, 2018

William Petterson; University of Maine, 2020

Rotation students:

The Maginnis laboratory does not have rotation positions for 2016-2017.

Lab Alumni:

Adam Simard, B.S., University of Maine, 2015, Current position: Mascoma LLC.

Tyler Lang; University of Maine, 2018

Trevor Lyford; Brown University, 2018 (summer intern)

Delaney Woodford; University of Maine, 2018