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Office of Human Resources

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FAQ - Payroll


How do I get a W-2?

W-2’s are printed in late January and should be received at a mailing address (or home address if no mailing address is listed) by January 31st. If the address was wrong or outdated it might not reach the person. To print any W-2, go to Employee Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > W-2 Reissue and follow the instructions to print one on regular computer paper (which is valid for filing a return or scholarship info). If the person isn’t a current employee or isn’t able to use MaineStreet, Payroll can email/mail/print one.

Where is my 1042S?

These are sent to NRA’s with tax treaties from the System Office to the Office of International Programs by mid-march. The individual should contact the Office of International Programs to make sure they have the current address to mail it.

Where is my 1098T?

These are for tuition. The individual should contact the Bursar’s Office.

Where is my 1099?

These are for sub-contractors or various Employee reimbursements. The individual should contact Purchasing.

Why did I get a W-2G?

These are usually for 50/50 event raffle winners. The individual should contact Beth Morin.


How do I change my taxes?

Through Employee Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > W-4 Tax Information, or on paper W-4’s from > Forms > Payroll, or in the Payroll Office

How do I sign up for or change my direct deposit?

Through Employee Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit, or on a Direct Deposit form from > Forms > Payroll, or in the Payroll Office

How do I change my address?

Through Employee Self Service > Personal Information > Home and Mailing Address, or on an Individual Data Sheet from > Forms > Payroll, or in the Payroll Office

I got married/divorced. What do I need to do in Payroll?

You might need to change your name, taxes, direct deposit, address, emergency contact, or beneficiaries. The individual should contact benefits as well.

I changed my name. How do I get it changed in MaineStreet?

The individual should bring their new Social Security Card showing their new name, to Payroll.


Can my friend or family member pick up my check while I’m away?

Only if you have granted permission to a certain person, in writing, in the Payroll Office ahead of time.

Why didn’t I get paid today?

If looking in MaineStreet and a direct deposit was generated, ask the person to call a teller to confirm no deposit. If no deposit was made, check with Payroll. If looking in MaineStreet and a live check was cut, since direct deposit takes a few weeks to be active, have the person look in their mailbox. If no payment was created, check with Payroll. Students and Grads with no direct deposit set up get their paychecks sent to Payroll.

My check is missing. I need it replaced.

We have to wait 5 business days before requesting that a check be voided and replaced. Have the person call Payroll on the 5th day to say it still hasn’t shown up.

I’m short on money. Can I get paid sooner than normal?

The university does not pay in advance. Have the person contact EAP to see if they are eligible for a loan.

What should I claim for taxes?

We cannot give tax advice. Have the person complete the worksheet on the W-4’s, or consult a tax advisor.

How do I get my mileage/moving/travel reimbursement?

Have the person contact Budget and Business Services.

When will I get a “cost of living” increase?

Pay increases are a mandatory subject of collective bargaining. Therefore, if across-the-board increases are included in future collective bargaining agreements (“union contracts”), those pay increases will occur sometime after those contracts are ‘settled’ between the University of Maine System and the bargaining agents (i.e. “unions”).


How many vacation hours can I carry over to next year? What is the big negative and positive in my balance for December/January?

320 for full-time employees, prorated for part-time employees. Ignore the big negative and positive. For that period’s balance, add a normal accrual to the previous balance, and subtract any used time that period.

I need to do a verbal verification of employment for someone.

Payroll only does verifications by fax and US Mail accompanied by a signed release for the person. They usually take 2 business days.



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