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Contact Us - Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone (207)
Alyssa Anaya Human Resources Partner 581-2372
Anne Marie Michaud Administrative Specialist 581-1581
Carrie Love Accounting Support Specialist 581-3710
Cathy Degrasse Associate Director, Human Resources 581-1584
James Clark Administrative Specialist 581-1640
Ana Rapp Accounting Support Specialist 581-3700
Jennifer Collins Administrative Specialist 581-2347
John Kidder Human Resources Partner 581-1588
John Young HR Payroll and Information Systems Manager 581-1579
Kasey Richards Administrative Specialist 581-2366
Kelly Hoovler Administrative Specialist 581-1531
Kim Jenkins Lean Coordinator 581-1587
Leyton Sewell Human Resources Partner 581-1628
Megan Sanders Vice President for Human Resources and Chief of Staff 581-1580
Nicole Lawrence Human Resources Partner for Classification and Compensation 581-2978
Rowena Clukey Special Assistant to the Vice President for Human Resources 581-1580
Tania Cody Administrative Specialist 581-2377
Virginia Poitras Accounting Support Specialist 581-3713
Willow Sherwood Assistant Director, Human Resources 581-2364


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