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Collections - MF 125 David Ingraham Collection

Number of Interviews: 12
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1970-1980
Time period covered: twentieth century
Principal interviewers: David Ingraham
Finding Aides: brief indexes
Access Restrictions: none

Description: This collection consists of a variety of interviews and other accessions about writing songs in Maine, by David Ingraham. Ingraham was a local songwriter and singer from Ellsworth, Maine. Seven of these accessions consist of recordings of Ingraham talking about his songwriting and singing songs he composed about local people and incidents. The other 5 accessions include interviews with other songwriters and singers about the process of writing songs; interviews with local people about the incidents Ingraham described in his songs, and about traditional songs and how they related to local history in Ellsworth and Chesterville, Maine.

686 Ingraham, David. April 1972. Maine: Bangor, Orono (UM). 3 pp. Tape: 1 1/2 hrs. No cat, or trans. David Ingraham discusses his song-making and sings a number of songs for FO 108 class; also three songs recorded at his home April 17, 1972. T396

695 Ingraham, David. June 1972. Maine: Veazie, Ellsworth. 1 p. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ brief cat. David Ingraham singing his own songs about life in Ellsworth. T409 – 410

1148 Ingraham, David. January 1978. Maine: Chesterville. 15 pp. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ brief cat. Interview with Philip Morse telling stories of Chesterville people and events; singing songs from the early 1900’s. T1211

1173 Ingraham, David. Spring 1978. Maine: Ellsworth. 12 pp. Tape: 1 hr w/ brief cat. Interview with Leonard “Bucky” Maddocks about the Openshaw song written by David Ingraham and the incident which prompted the writing of the song. T1235

1174 Ingraham, David. Spring 1978. Maine: Orono (NAFOH). 14 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ partial trans. David Ingraham sings 10 of his original songs, including “The 200 Mile Limit,” “The Blackfly Song,” “Billy Hagen,” “Angels with Long Flowing Hair,” “Baxter Park Fire,” “The Woodcutter’s Union,” “The Mighty St. John,” “One More Winter in Maine:” “I’ll Be Thankful When Summer is Over,” and “I Had Him Almost Persuaded.” T1236

1190 Ingraham, David. Spring 1978. Maine: Orono (NAFOH). 22 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ trans. David Ingraham sings 14 of his original songs, including “Officer Patterson,” “Little Tree,” “Can of Worms,” “The Hairpiece that Belonged to Mayor Brountas,” “Robert Newall,” “Barbara’s Gone,” “Chester Greenwood,” “Jimmy Carter Came To Town,” “Union River,” “Son, Don’t You Ever Get Married,” “The Shadow of Katahdin,” “Back in Maine Again,” “Don’t Come To Bangor,” and “Almost Persuaded”; sheet music for some songs. T1250

1277 Ingraham, David. 1978. Maine: Ellsworth. 5 Pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. w/ partial cat. of songs. Original songs written by David Ingraham, including “I’ve Got to Leave Old Durham Town,” “In the Garden,” “The Church Steeple,” “The Little Shack Out Back,” and “Dr. Ganong”; copy of Bangor Daily News clipping, May 5, 1978. T1339

1302 Ingraham, David. Spring 1978. Maine: Brewer. 2 pp. Tape: 1/4 hr. w/ brief cat. Lori Bray sings an original song she wrote, “What If Jesus Came Today;”; David Ingraham sings a song about the moose and the campus cop. T1405

1303 Ingraham, David. Spring 1978. Maine: Deer Isle. 5 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ brief cat. Interview with Larry Snowden about songs he, his father, and his brother wrote; Larry sings and plays the guitar. T1406

1304 Ingraham, David. Spring 1979. Maine: Dover-Foxcroft. 10 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ cat. Interview with Dave Mallett about his songs, why he writes them, and what he thinks he achieves in his songs. T1407

1305 Ingraham, David. Spring 1978. Maine: Chesterville. 3 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ brief cat. Interview with Phil Morse who sings songs and plays the banjo. T1408

1344 Ingraham, David. Summer 1980. Maine: Orono (NAFOH). 3 pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. w/ brief cat. David Ingraham sings original songs he has written: “The Moose Song,” “Schooner John Leavitt,” “Lot,” “The Little Old Red Schoolhouse on the Hill,” and “The Merry Old Minstrel of Maine.” T1470

Ives 70.1 Interviews with David Ingraham, then of Ellsworth, Maine, Jan. 2, 1970. Songs Ingraham made up about life in Ellsworth, gospel songs, songs on current events, etc. 4 pp. (Titles of songs sung). [AFS 14,825A]. T209

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