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Collections - MF 105 Margaret Martin / Liveaboard Sailors Interviews

Number of Interviews: 9
Dates When Interviews Were Conducted: 1985-1986
Time Period Covered: mid-to-late twentieth century
Principal Interviewer: Margaret Martin
Finding Aides: transcripts
Access Restrictions: NA1943

: This collection consists of nine interviews with people who live aboard sailboats, mostly along the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida, although one interview was done in Maine. The live-aboard sailors discuss their life histories; experiences on the sea; design and maintenance of their vessels; recipes; sea lore; and sea stories (yarns).

1938 Martin, Margaret. (MLS) Spring 1986. Florida: Key Largo. 59 pp. Tapes: 2 hrs. approx. w/ trans. Interviews with Captain Chic Lawrence and Mrs. Shirley Lawrence about their boat, the “Luana.” C429-C430

1939 Martin, Margaret. (MLS) Summer 1986. Maine: Steuben. 28 pp. Tape: 40 min. approx. w/ trans. Interview with Hans and Joyce Vanderschoot about their adventures in the Bahamas as experienced “live aboard sailors” on their boat, the “Ariel V.” C431

1943 Martin, Margaret. (MLS) Fall 1985. North Carolina: Elizabeth City. 25 pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. w/ trans. Interview with Captain R.E. Gafferty about his British schooner, “Rosa Lind.” RESTRICTED. C440

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