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Collections - MF 077 Sister Saint Jude Poulin Folksong Collection

Number of Interviews: 23
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1950s-1960s
Time period covered:
Principal interviewers: Sister St. Jude Poulin
Finding Aides: brief indexes
Access Restrictions: none

Description: 331 Sister Poulin, a Maine native, interviewed 23 individuals about ballads they could remember. She based her master’s thesis, entitled “A Classification and Literary History of the Ballads Known in Hancock and Washington Counties, Maine, Mid-Century” (Boston College, 1962), on her interviews with three of these individuals (Linwood Brown of Vanceboro; Carl E. Kelley of East Machias; Robert French of Franklin). The accession includes correspondence and notes pertaining to Sister Poulin’s M.A. thesis; correspondence, song texts, notes, and a photocopy of the thesis; and two and a half hours of taped interviews with Linwood Brown, Forrest Libby, Robert French, Mrs. Elwood Nickerson, Dale Potter, Mrs. Hatch, and Carl E. Kelley. Songs documented in the accession include: “The Geography Song,” “Pretty Mohea,” “The Champion of Moose Hill,” “Canaday-I-O,” “Jim Whelan,” “Jam on Gerry’s Rock,” “Derry Down,” “In Camp With the Henrys,” “Highland Laddie,” “The White Pines of Arkansas,” “Old Horse,” “The Maid of the Mountain Brow,” “The Black Cook,” “Heenan and Sayers,” “The Irish Patriot,” “Jacket of Blue,” “Enoch Arden’s Farewell to Ireland,” “The Montreal Express,” “The Texas Rangers,” “Jack Haggerty,” “Fannie Moore,” “Lord Randall,” “Peter Emberly,” “John Thompson’s Hill,” “St. Croix’s Long and Winding Shores,” “The Bull Moose Song,” and “Lord Banner.” Some of the songs collected by Sister Saint Jude were published in “Folksongs From Maine” (Northeast Folklore VII, 1965). T247 – T248 / CD0005-0007

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