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Collections - MF 071 Pride of Maine Fair, 1979

MF 071 Pride of Maine Fair, 1979

Number of accessions: 1 (NA 2535)
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1979
Time period covered: 1979
Principal interviewer: Judith Blank
Finding aides: index
Access restrictions: yes
Description: Jim Connors, George and Claudette Beaulieu, Guy Dubay, Theresa St. Onge Albert, Madame Martha Cyr Genest, Lionel Chamberlain, Ned Laundry, Emil Beaulieu, and Sarah Beaulieu, Wayne Newall, Fred Tomah, Martin Dana, David Francis, Sr., Robert Leavitt, Blanche Socabasin, Joan Dana, Lee Cremo, Vincent Joe, Elizabeth Sopiel, Dyke Sopiel, and Irene Newall, Ron Beard, Glenn Hadlock, Ralph Stanley, and Charles Nevels, recorded by Judith Blank, summer 1979, Bar Harbor, Maine. Tape: 33 reels (35 hours) w/ rough log. Music performances and narrative workshops recorded at the Pride of Maine Fair held at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, July, 1979. The festival presented traditions representing the St. John River Valley, Native American cultures, and the Maine coast. Tapes feature ballad singing in English and French, fiddle music, recitations, Native American lore and crafts, boat building and coastal occupations, foodways, and other aspects of Maine life. Accession includes a program booklet giving schedules, contextual information, and participant biographical information.

Participants representing the St. John Valley include: Jim Connors (poetry), George and Claudette Beaulieu (foodways & wood sculpture), Guy Dubay (French history, language, culture), Theresa St. Onge Albert (weaving), Madame Martha Cyr Genest (living history), Lionel Chamberlain (accordion), Ned Laundry (fiddle), Emil Beaulieu (fiddle), and Sarah Beaulieu (jig & step dancing); Native American representatives include: Wayne Newall (Passamaquoddy music & traditions), Fred Tomah (herbal medicine), Martin Dana (drum making and ceremonial arts), David Francis, Sr. (Passamaquoddy language), Robert Leavitt (Passamaquoddy language), Blanche Socabasin (foodways & music), Joan Dana (foodways), Lee Cremo (Micmac fiddle music), Vincent Joe (guitar & fiddle), Elizabeth Sopiel (basket making), Dyke Sopiel (ash pounding for baskets), and Irene Newall (basket making). Coastal Maine is represented by: Ron Beard (coastal issues & Yankee culture), Glenn Hadlock (foodways of Little Cranberry Island), Ralph Stanley (boat building), and Charles Nevels (fishing & music).

Text: rough log
Recording: T 2535.1 – T 2535.33/ C 1671 – C 1707/ (35 hours)

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