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Collections - MF 062 Northeast Town History Papers Collection

MF 062 Northeast Town History Papers Collection

Number of accessions: 1 (NA 2576)
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1976 – 1978
Time period covered: various
Principal interviewers: various
Finding aides: none
Access restrictions: unknown
Description: A collection of 100 student papers done as coursework for anthropology classes at the University of Maine at Orono between ca. 1976-1978. Each paper treats a specific town or community and deals with the history and lore concerning that place. Most towns are in Maine but a few are in New Hampshire and Newfoundland. Some papers contain maps, photos, and other supplementary items. Papers are arranged alphabetically by state and town, in numbered acid-free folders in two archival document cases. A checklist of the town names is available in printed or electronic form. Folder No. 001 contains a copy of the checklist. See below for town names and student last names.


Maine: Argyle, Bangor, Belfast, Bemis, Boothbay, Bowdoinham, Brewer, Bridgton, Bucksport, Calais, Camden, Cape Elizabeth; Cape Neddick, Castine, Cumberland, Dexter, Dixmont, Dover-Foxcroft, Eastport, Falmouth, Forest City, Fort Kent, Frankfort, Franklin, Greenville, Hall Quarry, Hampden, Harrison, Hermon, Holden, Howland, Isle Au Haut, Islesboro, Jonesboro, Kenduskeag, Lakewood, Mapleton, Mars Hill, Milbridge, Milford, Millinocket, Milo, Newcastle, New Sweden, Northeast, Norway, Old Town, Orland, Orrington, Orrs and Bailey, Passadumkeag, Peru, Pittston, Poland, Port Clyde, Presque Isle, Prospect, Rockport, Rumford, Saco, Sanford, Searsport, Sebec, Sidney, Standish, Stockton, Sumner, Surry, Swan’s Island, Thomaston, Thorndike, Topsfield, Turner, Van Buren, Veazie, Vinalhaven, Waldoboro, Waterford, Waterville, Wiscasset, Wytopitlock, York.
New Hampshire: Newcastle
Newfoundland: Cat Harbour, Small Point, St. John’s


“Argyle, Maine” Hueras, Laurence 79-03-01 8
“Bangor and the Jewish Immigrants” Tomasik, Randolph R. n.d. 15
“A Brief Look at Belfast, Maine” Pierce, Sharon T. 78-02-23 10
“The City of Belfast, Maine” Brown, Joanne 78-02-23 11
“Town Paper: Bemis, Maine” Brann, Cathy 76-02-26 9
“Boothbay Harbor” Travis, Vicki 78-02-23 7
“Bowdoinham: Then and Now” Hinkley, Allison 76-02-26 9
“The History of Brewer” Gilgan, Peter P. 76-02-03 10
“Bridgton, Past and Prestent” MacLeod, Deirdre R. 78-02-23 11
“Bucksport” Sterling, Richard 76-02-25 8
“The Decline of a Town” Shinnick, John n.s. n.d. 11
“Bucksport, Maine” McCobb, Donna 78-02-23 8
“Calais, Maine” Esposito, Louis J. 76-02-26 8
“Sketch of Camden, Maine” Stancioff, Paul 76-02-26 10
“Camden, Maine” Wight, Nancy 78-02-23 8
“Cape Elizabeth, Maine” Steinen, Karen 78-02-23 11
“Cape Neddick, Maine” Clark, Holly R. 78-02-23 13
“Castine, Maine” Spear, Nancy n.d. 9
“The Town of Cumberland” Tuttle, Christine N. 76-02-26 8
“Town Paper on Dexter” Clukey, Robert n.d. 13
“Dexter” Covel, Melinda n.d. 5
“Dixmont” Willis, A. Richard n.d. 11
“Dover-Foxcroft” Cameron, Marilyn M. n.d. 15
“Dover-Foxcroft, Maine” Grant, Emma Jane n.d. 14
“Eastport” Correll, Joe D. 78-04-13 7
“Falmouth” Tierney, Thomas 78-02-23 5
“Forest City, an International Community”
Brooks, Joan n.d. 9
“Fort Kent, Maine” Roy, Rob 78-02-23 6
“A Glimpse at the Town of Frankfort”
Moore, Andrea 76-02-26 10
“Town of Franklin” Spearing, Jeanette 76-02-23 7
“Greenville, Maine” Roberts, Roxanne n.d. 9
“Hall Quarry: The Little Town That Isn’t There”
O’Neill, Susan 78-03-01 10
“Hampden, Maine” Ryan, Hope-Lindsay 78-03-02 21
“Harrison, Maine” Saxby, Ed 78-02-24 12
“A Maine Town: Hermon” Brown, Bruce B., Jr. 76-02-26 10
“Holden, Maine” Lynch, James K. n.d. 9
“The Town of Howland” Thurlow, William D. 78-03-01 12
“Isle Au Haut, Maine” Nickolls, Steven 76-02-26 10
Islesboro Coombs, Sheila n.d. 7
“A Study of Jonesboro” Maker, Kimberly 76-02-26 10
“Kenduskeag, Maine” Kazmierczak, Stephen 76-02-26 8
“Lakewood” Corson, Debra 76-02-26 9
“Town of Mapleton” Desmond, Jed C. 76-02-26 11
“Mars Hill,” Silakowski, Mike 76-02-23 7
“Milbridge” Whitehead, Donita J. 78-03-01 10
Town Paper Milford” Edwards, Melanie 78-02-23 8
“Town Study – Milford” Taylor, Kathleen McKay 12
Millicket “The Magic City” Burch, Dennis 76-02-26 7
“Milo: Not to Worry, We’ll Survive”
Eames, Karen A. 76-02-26 12
“Newcastle” Sherman, Peter 78-02-23 7
“New Sweden, Maine” Dalrymple, Deke 76-02-26 11
“Northeast Harbor, Maine” Rechholtz, Deborah 76-02-26 9
“Town Paper- Norway Maine” Partridge, Brian S. 76-02-26 11
“Norway, Maine” Wilkinson, Peter L. 76-02-26
“Old Town, Maine” Adams, Jeanne C. 76-02-26 9
“Orland, Maine” Kreidel, Lauren 78-02-23 10
“Orrington” Dolley, Tim n.d. 9
“Twin Islands (Orrs & Bailey)” Skillings, Constance 78-02-23 8
“A Short Look at Passadumkeag, ME”
Kennedy, Jonathon 76-02-27 11
“Town Paper – Peru” Richard, Peg 76-02-26 8
“Pittston, Maine” Essency, David 76-02-26 10
“Town Paper: Poland, ME” Kolnos, Ritchie 78-02-23 12
“Port Clyde, Maine” Zwoll, Jackie van 78-02-23 11
“Presque Isle: A Town Paper” Gartley, George 76-03-02 17
Prospect Jenkins, Peter n.s. n.d. 4
“The Town of Rockport” Rector, Timothy J. n.d. 9
“Rumford” Bulger, Richard 76-02-26 11
“Rumford” Carusi, Cynthia J. 78-03-02 8
“The One and Only Saco, Maine” Underwood, Chris 78-02-23 11
“Sanford” Owen, Connie 76-02-26 19
“Searsport, Maine” Garrett, Janice n.s. 76-02-25 7
“Sebec” Whedon, Katherine A.76-02-26 17
“Sidney, Maine: A Brief History” Young, Willis n.d. 8
“Town Report: Standish” Wright, Sandra R. n.d. 12
“Stockton Springs” Light, Michele 76-02-26 8
“A Brief Description of the town of Sumner, Maine; Past and Present”
Coburn, Cori 78-02-23 9
“Surry A Town Paper” Milam, Anna Mary 78-02-23 13
“Swan’s Island: Then and Now” Turner, Kim . n.d. 10
“Thomaston Town Paper” Wallace, Peg n.s. 76-01-26 11
“Thondike A Town Paper” Wilcox, Alan R. 78-03-02 11
“Town Paper Topsfield, Maine” Bean, Ronald E. 76-02-26 13
“Turner” Leadbetter, Fred Jr. 76-02-26 8
“Town Paper (Van Buren, Me.) Morrow, Gail n.d. 11
“Van Buren” Wood, Jonathan 78-02-21 6
“Veazie, Maine, Town Paper” Stuart, Brian 78-02-22 8
“Vinalhave, Maine” Peterson, Terri 78-02-23 10
“Waldoboro, Maine: Then and Now”
Cooper, Edward A. 78-02-23 7
“Town Paper Town of Waterford” Ramsay, Kathy 76-02-26 8
“A Short Report on the City” Williams, Susan 78-02-20 8
“Town Paper” Richards, Allan n.d. 3
“The Early Beginnings of Waterville”
Paduan, Bonnie L. n.d. 9
“Wiscasset, Maine” Chaney, Michael 78-02-23 13
“Town Paper” Rollins, Rhonda 78-02-23 5
“York, Maine” Moy, Rebecca 76-02-26 11
“Town Paper York, Maine” Miller, Karen n.d. 8
“New Castle, New Hampshire” Beard, Jack n.d. 14
“Cat Harbour, Newfoundland A Town Study”
Williams, Douglas 78-02-27 9
“Round About Small Point, Newfoundland”
Reynolds, Alan G. 76-02-26 12
“St. John’s, Newfoundland” Sparkman, Gregory 76-02-26 8

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