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Collections - MF 041 “Me and Fannie” Interviews

MF 041 “Me and Fannie” interviews

Number of accessions: 1 (NA 0717)
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1972, 1973
Principal interviewers: Wayne Bean
Finding aides: transcript
Access restrictions: none
Description: Ralph Thornton, interviewed by Wayne Bean for FO 107, 1972 and 1973, Topsfield, Maine. Series of interviews with Thornton, 87, talks about local history of Topsfield; woods work and river work; songs; stories. Also included: brief biographical sketch of Thornton. Text: 792 pp. transcript with brief catalog. Recording: T 0473 – T 0501 13 hours. Photos: P 0447 – P 0449, P 1812 – P 1847. This series of interviews resulted in the publication of the 1973 XVI edition of Northeast Folklore (Me and Fannie: The Oral Autobiography of Ralph Thornton of Topsfield, Maine, ed. by Wayne Bean).

Note: The Fannie in Me and Fannie refers to Ralph Thornton’s wife, maiden name Fannie Hamilton.

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