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Collections - MF 027 Edward D. Ives Collection

MF 027 Edward D. Ives Collection of Manuscripts and Interviews

The Edward D. Ives Collection of Manuscripts and Interviews is divided into two parts.  The first part was originally organized in September 1999 by Steve Green and includes approximately 20 gray archival document cases containing papers received from Sandy Ives upon his retirement from 44 years of service at the University of Maine.  A preliminary organizational outline for these papers has been created in the summer of 1999.

Also, there are two archival storage cartons containing off prints and photocopied articles mostly written by and given to Sandy by his colleagues in the field of folklore.  A database containing bibliographic entries for the off prints has been compiled in the summer of 1999.

An addition to the Edward D. Ives Collection has been made with the arrival of more of his papers to the archive in the summer of 2006.  These papers are contained in a new series, Series 6 Home Papers.  This series represent many of the papers that Ives has kept at his home over the years and the research that he has done since his retirement in 1999.  Sub-series include Correspondence and Records, Ernest Kennedy Research, Wilmot MacDonald Research, Miscellaneous Research, Prince Edward Island Research, Reviews, and Addie Weed and Veazie Research.  Series 6 Home Papers comprises 10 gray archival document cases, increasing the total number of gray archival boxes in the collection from 20 to 30.  The folder names and sub-series organization have been maintained with few alterations.  The folders within the sub-series have been alphabetized and some bracketed information is included in this preliminary inventory for ease of searching.

The second part of the Edward D. Ives Collection of Manuscripts and Interviews consists of fieldwork from 1955 to 1999 done by Ives and a variety of interviews which he conducted.

Additionally, there are numerous individual accessions which may be assigned to the Edward D. Ives Collection (MF 027) after further analysis.  These may be viewed by searching on “Ives” in the Accessions database while using the “Short List” or “Status Report” layout.  It isn’t practical at the time of writing to definitively assign these accessions to MF 027 without first discovering their possible links to other already established collections.

See also the description created before 1986 of the series of tape recordings already identified as the Ives Collection in the The Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History: A Catalog of the First 1800 Accessions published in 1986 by the Northeast Folklore Society.  A copy of this publication may be found in the Maine Folklife Center office at the University of Maine in Orono. These first 1800 accessions are also searchable on the University of Maine’s library search engine URSUS.




Work in progress, June 8, 1999



Clippings about Ives

Ives related memorabilia

Printing block used for newspaper cut

Correspondence files [arranged alphabetically by correspondent last initial]

Ives own papers as a student


Ives Research: Writing & Speaking Projects

Book Projects

Larry Gorman

Songs to look for

Clippings & correspondence re Larry Gorman book

Joe Scott

Lawrence Doyle

Folkways records / Kenneth Goldstein correspondence re Ives LP

Folk Legacy Records:  Marie Hare LP liner notes [Ives was writer]

Ralph Page Legacy Weekend 1988 [Ives was speaker]


Ives Research: Topical Files

Checklist of Woods Songs in the Northeast [songs to look for]

Country Music

Field notes

St. John River Folklore

Folk Medicine

WPA Federal Writers Project sheets from Library of Congress

Leechcraft items collected in Maine in 1938

Children’s Games

Hide and Seek [10 folders]

Jump Rope Rhymes [from folder labeled

"Skip Rope and Mumblety Peg / FO 2 / 1968"]


Ives Research: Ballad and Song files

Benjamin Deane

Bay Bridge

Bear at Grand River

Bonny Earl Of Murray

Bud Jones

Callaghan Murder, The

Fogan MacAleer

Grand Trunk Wreck

Guy Reed

Howard Carey

John Ladner

Maid with the Golden Hair, The

Merchants of the Bay [contains other related titles]

Milman Murder, The

Miramichi Fire

Norman Mitchell

Norway Bum

Picnic at Groshaut

Plain Golden Band, The

Potato Bug Song

P. E. I. Adieu

Twa Sisters, The

Visit to Moran’s, The

When Johnny Went Plowing for Kieran


Ives Research:



Course related surveys and project report sheets submitted by students

1983:  Newspaper survey relating to 19th and early 20th century entertainment in          Maine and Canada  [arranged by student name]  [cite various papers surveyed or possibly rearrange by newspaper title, then date?]

Class Demonstration Tape recordings [recordings and documentation files for same]

[Needs further arrangement within this series]

Tape Catalogs and Checklists

Catalog of Tapes collected by Ives while working under a grant from Indiana University to collect songs in the Miramichi Valley, New Brunswick, July, 1961.


Ives Bibliography

[Various articles written by Ives, photocopied from sources]

Offprints and pamphlets files

Ives Writings – Offprints & Articles

“The Bonny Earl of Murray: The Ballad as History”

“The Burning Ship pf Northumberland Strait: Some Notes Concerning that                     Apparition”

“Larry Gorman and the Cante Fable”

“The Life and Work of Larry Gorman: A Prelininary Report”

“Satirical Songs in Maine and the Maritime Provinces of Canada”

[Gorbey [JAF article.  See also 10 folders of note cards; also thick folder of correspondence about Gorbey legend]

“The Northeast Folklore Society”

“The Convergence of the Twain: A Personal Disquisition on Contingency, with Adumbrations on the Future of Folklore Study on Prince Edward Island”

[others not yet listed here]


Writings of others either collected by Ives or given to him, and filed for reference, arranged alphabetically by author’s


Correspondence and Records

[Box 21]

Acheson [, James M.]

Adney [Tappen]

Agree, James

Anthropology Dept

Baglole/ Brinklow/ Etc

Baker Festschrift [Ron Baker]

“‘The Only Man’: Skill and Bravado on the River Drive”

BDN 9/9/96 [Bangor Daily News article]

Bean, Wayne

Beechhold [, Henry F.]

Blackie [“The Blackie Stories”]

Bok [, Gordon]


Boynton, Mia

Brandt, Mary

122: Bucksport Leg [witch’s curse]

Carey, George

“CBS Sunday Morning” [television appearance]

Chaney, Mike

Cheney, Tod

Cogswell, Fred

Cousins, John

de Caro [, Frank]

DeLarence, Francis

Field Diaries: June ’57 (Duplicates)


Doty [, Stew and Jan]

[Box 22]

Dundes, Alan

Emerick , Richard

English Dep’t photo 1956


Feldman, Lisa

Festschrift [correspondence on his]

Fieldwork: Misc [photocopied material]

Fox, John

Foxson [, Catherine]

Ghost stories

Glassie [, Henry]

Goldstein Award 2003

Larry Gorman Festival

New Gorman Material

Green, Steve

Guitar Miscellany

Harris, Mrs. George

Helen Creighton Foundation

History [photocopied articles]

Hoffman, Dan

Hunter, Julia

Ipcar [, Charles]

Jackson, Bruce

Sarah, John

Jones, Mike

KFV [Kommission fur Volksdichtung]

Kopp, Karl

[Box 23]

MacLeigh, Rod

Maine Folk!

MFC [Maine Folklife Center]

Miles, John

Misc. MS

Mountain, Ralph & Norma

NCTA- Bangor [National Council for Traditional Arts]

Northeast Historic Film

Nowlan, Alden

Olson, Ian

Paton [, Sandy]

Pattangall [, William]

Pea Cove Boom (Faulkner)

Penobscot Poets

Peterson (Ives-Daniels) [, Sidney A.]

Plummer, Jim

Pratt, Keith

PEI FMIC (Matt McGuire) [Prince Edward Island Folk Music Interpretive Centre]

Ranzoni [, Pat]


[Box 24]

Retirement party notes etc.

Richmond Bibliography [on ballads]

Rosenberg, Neil

Rouverol [, Alicia]

Schrager, Sam

New Joe Scott Material


Swift (Minn. Hist. Soc.)

Taylor, David

Toelken [, Barre]

Tuckwell [, John]

Vita [curriculum vitae]

Wilson, Bert

Yocum [, Peggy]

Zanes [John]

A- Mac [correspondence]

M- Z [correspondence]


Ernest Kennedy Research

[Box 25. Contains correction and notes on Ernest Kennedy transcripts.]

Catalog 6/21,  6/28, 7/12, 8/9, 8/23

Catalog 8/30- 11/29

Catalog 12/20/77- 11/14/78

Kennedy Interview 6/21/77

Kennedy stuff

T 1138 6/28/77 (Kennedy)

T 1139 6/28/77

T 1140 7/12/77

T 1140 7/12/77, 8/9/77

T 1141 8/23/77


Wilmot MacDonald Research

[Box 26]

MacDonald, Wilmot

Transcripts from NAFOH

Wilmot: Master copy

Wilmot record (CD)

Wilmot/ Smithsonian

Wilmot’s Type 461 transcript


Miscellaneous Research

[Box 27]

Amos Hanson MS

“Amos Hanson of Orland and his Songs”

Champney [, Kevin]

Convict’s Lament from Maine

Folklore and Biography [contribution to anthology and correspondence]

“Gracie Parker & “Deutschland”

Lovell[, Maine]

McKeen, Jeff

Miramichi Folksong Fest

John Mitchell

“Journeyman Poetry: Five Poems by John Mitchell of Northern Maine”

Moriarty, “Bill” (Poems)

New Joe Scott Material

Radner, Jo

Rosenberg Festschrift

“Stump Tombstones in Maine: A Survey and Same Speculation”

Rumford, Local Songs Talk

Thomaston Prisoner Song


Prince Edward Island Research

[Box 28]


DDCA correspondence [Drive Dull Care Away]

Folksongs of PEI

Gracie Parker correspondence

Heritage PEI Feb. 98

Hornsby Lecture Stuff

Photos for PEI Book

PEI Music

PEI Notes

Titon, Jeff

Tunes “Camera Ready”

Tunes: Rejects, Copies, etc.



[Box 29]

“Bonny Earl”- Reviews, etc.

DDCA Reviews [Drive Dull Care Away]

George Magoon: Reviews

Reviews Larry Gorman

Reviews: Lawrence Doyle

Reviews of Letters: Joe Scott

Reviews: Tape Recorded Interview


Addie Weed and Veazie Research

[Box 30]

Addie: Tape Catalogs

“Aunt Hat”

Deeds [field notes on Veazie cellar-holes]

Deeds: Original [Veazie, Maine and Massachusetts]

Deeds: Other Weed Property

Deeds (Weed Property) 2- 36


Fort Hill (Veazie)

Gillman, Sam. Misc. papers

Logging Contracts

Maps: Veazie

Miscellaneous documents, etc VZ

“Thirty- one” [funeral information on Weed/ Gilman family, Aunt Hat card catalogue, Maine archeological sites, correspondence]

Weed, Wyatt (II) Death of

Weed, Wyatt: Misc. pap




Series 7: Ives Collection Interviews

Number of Interviews:

Dates when interviews were conducted: 1956-1999

Time period covered: 1880s – 1990s

Principal interviewers: Edward D. Ives

Finding Aides: transcripts

Access Restrictions: NA1530

Description: The Edward D. Ives interview series consists of two sub-series: 7.1, Fieldwork 1955-1970, (found in the “Ives Collection” database)  which retains Ives’ original numbering system; and a variety of interviews conducted by Ives which are numbered consistent with other Maine Folklife Center accessions.

SEE ALSO: MF 102 Miramichi Folksong Festival Collection

Sub-series 7.1: Recordings 1956-1970 consists of the tapes and transcripts of Edward D. “Sandy” Ives’s fieldwork in Maine, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island between 1956 and 1970. Most of the accessions include recordings of songs and information on the people who made and sang them. This material was gathered in preparation for Ives’s books Larry Gorman: The Man Who Made the Songs (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1964; reprinted New York: Arno Press, 1977); Lawrence Doyle: the Farmer_Poet of Prince Edward Island (Orono: University of Maine Press, 1971); and Joe Scott: The Woodsman Songmaker (Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 1978). The series also includes interviews dealing with all aspects of woods work. The accessions in this series are numbered Ives 1.1-1.155, 56.1, 57.1-2, 58.1, 59.1-3, 6.1, 62.1-4, 63.1, 64.4-9, 65.1-23, 66.1-12, 67.1-3.68.1-8, 69.1-4; 70.1-10.

Sub-series 7.2: Recordings 1971-1999 includes Ives’s other interviews, folklore collections, and miscellaneous accessions include several that focus on moose poacher George Magoon (George Magood and the Down East Game War: History, Folklore, and the Law. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1988), and Wilbur Day (Wilbur Day (1864-1924), Hunter Guide, and Poacher: An Autobiography. Northeast Folklore 26 (1986). Others are recordings of various performances; interviews on woodswork; Veazie history; and songmakers; and material reflecting Ives’s research interests and his student’s projects. These accessions are numbered consistently with the rest of the Maine Folklife Center’s collections, and include the following accessions:

624 Ives, Edward D. Spring 1971. Maine: Orono (UMO). Tape: 1 hr. No cat, or trans. A program of folksongs given as part of Poetry Hour in the Memorial Union, Coe Lounge, May 18, 1971. T345

678 Ives, Edward D. Summer 1971. Maine: Wesley. 68 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ brief cat. & trans. Interview with Harold Day, discussing old times around Wesley; stories of George Magoon and Wilbur Day, poachers. T385 – T386

679 Ives, Edward D. July 1971. Maine: Machias. 72 pp. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ trans. Interview with Harold Stuart about life in the lumberwoods along the Union and Machias Rivers; work in lumber mills; stories about George Magoon, and Wilbur Day, poachers, and Calvin Graves. T386 – T388

680 Ives, Edward D. July 1971. Maine: Hermon, Great Pond, Amherst. 90 pp. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ trans. Interview with Merle Richardson, 85, formerly of Great Pond, about his life there as a guide, woodsman, and river driver. T388 – T390

681 Ives, Edward D. July 1971. Maine: Machias. 70 pp. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ trans. Interview with William Hudson about woodswork. T390 – T391

692 Ives, Edward D. August 1972. Maine: Danforth. 46 pp. Tape: 1 1/4 hrs. w/ trans. Interview with Tom Sprague: tall tales, his life as a forest service warden; woods work. T405 – T406

708 Ives, Edward D. May 1972. Maine: Veazie. 7 pp. Tape: 1/4 hr. w/ trans. Interview with two students, Scott MacDonald and John Hedlund, who tell of dreams they had and how reports of these dreams by others made them into a ghost story. T433

743 Ives, Edward D. Fall 1972. Maine: Orrington. 10 pp. Tape: 3 hrs. w/ brief cat. Interviews with Thomas McLean, Sr., 82, about his forty years in the lumber and pulp woods working for the Great Northern Paper Company. T560 – T562

794 Ives, Edward D. Nov. 1973. Maine: Stonington. 27 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ brief cat. Program of country western music held for benefit of local Headstart Program, held at Stonington High School; Headstart Newsletter, #3. T700 – T703

817 Ives, Edward D. Spring 1974. Maine: Orono (UM). 15 pp. Tape: 4 hrs. w/ brief index. Program of songs and tales performed by Wilmot MacDonald of Glenwood, New Brunswick. T740 – T743

834 Ives, Edward D. July 1974. Maine: Alexander. 25 pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. w/ brief cat. & partial trans. Interviews with Claude Stewart and Arlene Pollard about life and events around Alexander, Maine, in the early 20th century. T754

835 Ives, Edward D. July 1974. Maine: Crawford. 68 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ brief cat. & trans. Interview with Victor Archer about hunting and guiding. T755 – T756

861 Roche, Rose B. 1973. Maine: Mexico. 19 pp. ms. Letters from Rose Roche to E. D. Ives and typed copies of songs learned by her father, John J. Roche, of Prince Edward Island.

969 Ives, Edward D. Summer 1975. Maine: Veazie. 79 pp. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ brief cat & trans. Interview with Addie Weed, age 92, about life history and history of her home and property in Veazie. T968 – T969

987 Ives, Edward D. November 1974. Maine: Bryant Pond. 28 pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. w/ brief cat. & trans. Interview with Guy Swan about the Grand Trunk railroad wreck of January 18, 1901 in Bethel, Maine. P568 – P579 / T987

988 Ives, Edward D. November 1974. Maine: South Paris. 35 pp. Tape: 3/4 hr. w/ brief cat. & trans. Interview with Edward C. Peverley about the Grand Trunk Wreck of Jan. 18, 1901; biographical material. T988

989 Ives, Edward D. November 1974. Maine: Yarmouth. 61 pp. Tape: 1 1/2 hrs. w/ brief cat. & trans. Interview with Everett Smith about the Grand Trunk Wreck of Jan. 18, 1901; experiences as a woodsman. T989

1059 Ives, Edward D. Spring 1976. Maine: Machias. 8 pp. Tape: 1 1/4 hrs. w/ brief cat. Interview with Herbert Hanscom, Sr. of Marshfield, Maine about life on the river drives and in the woods, hunting, poaching, George Magoon, Wilbur Day, poachers. T1070

1107 Sullivan, Edward. 1975 – 1977. Maine: Veazie. 19 pp. Letters from Edward Sullivan to E. D. Ives about life in Veazie and stories he had written about the area; photo of Lawrence (Larry) Conners, log driver and lumberman, P936

1118 Ives, Edward D. August 1977. Maine: Lake Onawa. 4 pp. Tape: 1/4 hr. No cat, or trans. Interview with Rev. Alfred G. Hempstead about his recollections of Fannie Hardy Eckstorm; one woods story. T1166

1198 Ives, Edward D. Spring 1978. Maine: Veazie. 33 pp. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ cat. Interview with Addie Weed about life in Veazie, history of the Weed property, and remembrances of her youth. T1258, T1413

1217 Ives, Edward D. January 1979. Maine: Pittsfield. 86 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ cat. Songs and other writings of Clermont Spencer, 44. Includes letters from him and his Adult Education teachers in Waterville, copies of his songs, and three copies of Issues, a magazine published by adult education course. T1277

1279 Ives, Edward D. July 1979. Maine: Bar Harbor. 13 pp. Tape: 3/4 hr. w/ cat. Interview with Lewis Lund, Jr. about George Magoon and Wilbur Day, poachers. T1346

1280 Ives, Edward D. July 1979. New Brunswick: Newcastle. 33 pp. Tape: 6 hrs. w/ cat. Wilmot MacDonald singing songs and telling stories for the Franco-American Canadian Studies class, Summer 1979. T1347 – T1352

1281 Ives, Edward D. July 1979. New Brunswick: Glenwood. 6 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ brief cat. Interview with Archie and Ida MacDonald, who play tunes on the organ and violin. T1353

1282 Ives, Edward D. July 1979. New Brunswick: Black River Bridge. 5 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ brief cat. Interview with Allan and Annie MacDonald. Annie plays the organ and Allan plays the fiddle, both sing songs. T1354

1283 Ives, Edward D. July 1979. Maine: Alexander, Pleasant Lake. 13 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ cat. Interview with Orris McKeown about his grandfather, George Magoon, and about Wilbur Day. T1328

1284 Ives, Edward D. August 1979. Maine: Crawford. 15 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ cat. Interview with Adin McKeown about his grandfather, George Magoon. T1355

1285 Ives, Edward D. August 1979. Maine: Jacksonville. 18 pp. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ cat. Interview with Frank S. Dowling, 90, about George Magoon and Wilbur Day; labor conditions along the Machias River; getting old; his own life and childhood. T1356

1289 Ives, Edward D. Fall 1979. Maine: Pittsfield. 17 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ brief cat. Interview with Clermont Spencer who sings original songs, tells some stories and talks about song-making; words of 4 songs written by “Clum” Spencer. See also NA 1217. T1364 – T1365

1296 Ives, Edward D. Spring 1977. Maine: Bangor. 11 pp. Tape: 2 hrs. w/ brief cat. Recording of two Curly O’Brien television shows done as a memorial for Hal Lone Pine (aka the Lone Pine Mountaineer), a nationally known country music performer (née Harold Breau) from Old Town, Maine. Hal Lone Pine died in March, 1977. T1385 – T1386

1306 Ives, Edward D. Spring 1980. Maine: Sherman Mills. 14 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ cat. Interview with Mrs. Hartley Anderson about her father, Earl Stubbs, who was the subject of the song “The Teamster in Jack MacDonald’s Crew.” T1412

1366 Ives, Edward D. Summer 1980. Maine: Argyle. 11 pp. Tape: Video, 1 1/2 hrs. w/ brief cat. Video recording of Ernest Kennedy preparing and cooking bean hole beans for family reunion. V12, V13, V14

1490 Ives, Edward D. Spring 1981. Maine: Alexander. 13 pp. Tape: 3/4 hrs. w/ cat. Interview with John Dudley about his experiences as a judge in Washington County; a George Magoon story. T1595

1491 Ives, Edward D. Spring 1981. Maine: Wesley. 21 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ cat. Interview with John and Alice Bacon about Wilbur Day and his wife, Susie. P727 / T1595

1517 Ives, Edward D. Summer 1981. Maine: Crawford, Wesley, Vienna. 6 pp. Descriptions of 37 slides of George Magoon’s grave; objects in possession of John and Alice Bacon; tombstones in Franklin Cemetery, North Vienna, Maine. See S1134 – S1170

1530 Ives, Edward D. 1957. Maine: N. H.; New Brunswick; Prince Edward Island. 128 pp. ms. Journals and field notes made during the period January 30, 1957 through September 2, 1957 by E.D. Ives. RESTRICTED.

1588 Ives, Edward D. Fall 1982. New Brunswick: Renous. 18 pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. w/ cat. Interview with Edith Whalen and Vada McEvoy about their remembrances of Joe Smith, song-maker. T1682

1589 Ives, Edward D. Fall 1982. New Brunswick: Gray Rapids. 17 pp. Tape: 3/4 hr. w/ cat. Interview with Eldon Mountain, 94, about Joe Smith & Frank O’Hara, song-makers. Also discusses river driving, woods work, building scows. T1683

1590 Ives, Edward D. Fall 1982. New Brunswick: Gray Rapids. 19 pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. w/ trans. Material dictated by E. D. Ives from notes and accounts kept by Norma Mountain about Joe Smith, including poems and songs. P5331 – P5333 / T1684

1591 Ives, Edward D. Fall 1982. New Brunswick: St. Stephen. 8 pp. Tape: 1/4 hr. w/ cat. Interview with Mrs. John Hawthorne about her grandfather, Joe Smith; descriptions of photos, P5253 – P5261, by E. D. Ives. T1683

1637 Ives, Edward D. Winter 1983. Maine: Brewer. 31 pp. Tape: 1 1/2 hrs. w/ cat. Interview with Edwin Houston, one of the last and best of the rod-makers for F.E. Thomas Co. of Bangor, Maine, about his life and his rod-making skills; floor plan of F.E. Thomas Co. T1743 – T1747 / C1784

1723 Ives, Edward D. Fall 1983. Maine: Ellsworth. 9 pp. Tape: 1 hr. w/ partial cat. Interview with William S. Silsby, Sr. about his memories of George Magoon and family, and Wilbur Day. T1842

1928 Ives, Edward D. Machais Project: 1986. Maine: Machias. 32 pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. w/ trans. Victor Archer (deceased) describes working in the woods and river driving along the Machias. T1942

1964 Ives, Edward D. Fall 1983. Maine: Orono. 4 pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. Wyman Gerry talks about a variety of subjects including his grandfather, who was a sea captain and river pilot; collecting old photographs for the Brewer Public Library; collecting copies of documents relating to the First Congregational Church of Brewer. Also speaks of shipbuilding, old mills and Fanny Hardy Eckstorm. T1954

1991 Ives, Edward D. Summer 1987. New Brunswick: Gray Rapids (Blackville). 37 pp. Tape: 1 hr. Norma (Mrs. Ralph) Mountain tells two long Märchen that she remembers hearing from her grandfather, Alec Underhill. She also tells several memorates of supernatural experiences. Included are manuscript and typescript copies of the two Märchen: type AT313 and AT506. P6455 – P6477, P6492 – P6504 / T1957

2014 Ives, Edward D. (FO) Spring 1966, 1967. Maine: Orono. 114 pp. Materials gathered from students in E.D. Ives’ Folklore classes in 1966 and 1977. Students were given questionnaires to determine how familiar they were with the belief among non-Jews that Jews bury their dead standing up.

2036 Ives, Edward D. Summer 1988. Maine: Fort Kent. 5 pp. Tapes: 2 3/4 hrs. w/ brief cat. Interview with Jim Connors, age 80, about his experiences as guide, woodsman and mechanic. He also recites some of his poetry as well as selections from Yeats, Kipling and others. C0515-C0516

2147 Ives, Edward (Sandy) D. Fall 1990. Maine: Orono. Trans. only. 47 pp. A trapper’s diary (Photocopy), running from April 10, 1940 through May 1, 1941. Kept in a composition scribbler 7″ by 8 1/2″ and labeled “Property of F.M. Lawler”. Location seems to be around Topsfield, mentions Tomah Stream, Dog Brook and Jim Brown Brook.

2300 Ives, Edward D. 1957-1958. Canada: Prince Edward Island. 83 pp. Letters, clippings, and miscellaneous notes on “The Burning Ship of Northumberland Strait,” which were the basis of Edward Ives’s article in Midwest Folklore. The article is also included.

2301 Ives, Edward D. April 1987 thru March 1992. Maine and Prince Edward Island. Video: 1 w/ no transcript. 2pp. A VHS dubbing from three original videos featuring Edward “Sandy” Ives in various television broadcasts. These broadcasts include Bud Leavitts, “Woods and Waters”, April 1987; at the University of Prince Edward Island Commencement where he receives an honorary doctorate and gives a speech, and; a CBC-compass item from March 1992 features Edward Ives and Mary and John Cousins. In these interviews Edward Ives discusses stories, legends and songs he has collected. V57

2324 Ives, Edward. June 1992. Scotland: Edinburgh. 16pp. Tape: 1 w/ transcript. Interview with Hamish Henderson, one of the founders of the School of Scottish Studies. Topics include notes on singers Willie Mathieson, John Strachan, and Tom Scott, “The Horseman’s World.” Also, “The People’s Festival Ceilidlis.” C1155

2342 Ives, Edward D. December 1966. Maine: Veazie. 3pp. Tape: 1 w/ brief catalog. Tape of Sarah Ives, age 5, telling the “Three Little Pigs” and “Goldilocks”, followed by a recording of Christmas morning opening presents, etc. Nathanial Ives, age 9, sings “Rudolph” at the Ives home. C1361

2395 Ives, Edward D. July 1995. Maine: Bangor. 3pp. Photographs: 19 w/ no transcript. Photographs of labor memorials in Bangor, Maine, including the Luther Peirce “Last Drive” statue and three tombstones in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Bangor, Maine. P7755 – P7757

2432 Ives, Edward (Sandy). September 1996. Canada: Campbelltown, P.E.I. 11pp. Tape: 1 w/ transcript. Interview with Mary Cousins with words to song “O’Halloran Road”, information on sightings of the Burning Ship, and autobiographical material. C0151

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