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Collections - MF 027 Edward D. Ives Papers

MF 027 Edward D. Ives Papers

Number of accessions: 1 (NA 3746)
Dates when interviews were conducted: 19th and 20th centuries
Principal interviewers: Edward D. “Sandy” Ives
Finding aides: various
Description: The Maine Folklife Center founder, Edward D. “Sandy” Ives, was prolific in his work. Due to the volume of material, his work has been divided between two collections, this one and MF 167 (previously all under MF 027). This collection contains the materials that were given to the center both upon Ives’s retirement and his death. MF 167 consists of fieldwork from 1955 to 1999 done by Ives and a variety of interviews which he conducted. Thus far, all of the material listed here has been grouped together under one accession NA 3746.

MF 027 was originally organized in September 1999 by Steve Green and includes approximately 20 gray archival document cases containing papers received from Sandy Ives upon his retirement from 44 years of service at the University of Maine.  A preliminary organizational outline for these papers has been created in the summer of 1999.  Also, there are two archival storage cartons containing offprints and photocopied articles mostly written by and given to Sandy by his colleagues in the field of folklore. A database containing bibliographic entries for the offprints has been compiled in the summer of 1999.

An addition to the Edward D. Ives Papers has been made with the arrival of more of his papers to the archive in the summer of 2006. These papers are contained in a new series, Series 6 Home Papers. This series represent many of the papers that Ives has kept at his home over the years and the research that he has done since his retirement in 1999. Sub-series include Correspondence and Records, Ernest Kennedy Research, Wilmot MacDonald Research, Miscellaneous Research, Prince Edward Island Research, Reviews, and Addie Weed and Veazie Research. Series 6 Home Papers comprises 10 gray archival document cases, increasing the total number of gray archival boxes in the collection from 20 to 30. The folder names and sub-series organization have been maintained with few alterations. The folders within the sub-series have been alphabetized and some bracketed information is included in this preliminary inventory for ease of searching. [Malia Willey, August, 2006]

See also the description created before 1986 of the series of tape recordings already identified as the Ives Collection in the The Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History: A Catalog of the First 1800 Accessions published in 1986 by the Northeast Folklore Society. A copy of this publication may be found in the Maine Folklofe Center office at the University of Maine in Orono.

3746 EDWARD D. IVES PAPERS – PRELIMINARY INVENTORY. The Ives Papers were originally given to the Maine Folklife Center upon his retirement from UMaine after 44 years of service. A second donation was received in 2006 containing the papers Ives kept at his home over the years and the research that he did since his retirement. Both these donations are stored in the 30 archival boxes listed in this inventory.

Work in progress, June 8, 1999
Clippings about Ives
Ives related memorabilia
Printing block used for newspaper cut

Correspondence files [arranged alphabetically by correspondent last initial]

Ives own papers as a student

Ives Research: Writing & Speaking Projects
Book Projects
Larry Gorman
Songs to look for
Clippings & correspondence re Larry Gorman book
Joe Scott
Lawrence Doyle
Folkways records / Kenneth Goldstein correspondence re Ives LP
Folk Legacy Records: Marie Hare LP liner notes [Ives was writer]
Ralph Page Legacy Weekend 1988 [Ives was speaker]

Ives Research: Topical Files
Checklist of Woods Songs in the Northeast [songs to look for]
Country Music
Field notes
St. John River Folklore
Folk Medicine
WPA Federal Writers Project (?) sheets from Library of Congress
Leechcraft items collected in Maine in 1938
Children’s Games
Hide and Seek [10 folders]
Jump Rope Rhymes [from folder labeled
"Skip Rope and Mumblety Peg / FO 2 / 1968"]

Ives Research: Ballad and Song files
Benjamin Deane
Bay Bridge
Bear at Grand River
Bonny Earl Of Murray
Bud Jones
Callaghan Murder, The
Fogan MacAleer
Grand Trunk Wreck
Guy Reed
Howard Carey
John Ladner
Maid with the Golden Hair, The
Merchants of the Bay [contains other related titles]
Milman Murder, The
Miramichi Fire
Norman Mitchell
Norway Bum
Picnic at Groshaut
Plain Golden Band, The
Potato Bug Song
P. E. I. Adieu
Twa Sisters, The
Visit to Moran’s, The
When Johnny Went Plowing for Kieran

Ives Research:


Course related surveys and project report sheets submitted by students
1983: Newspaper survey relating to 19th and early 20th century entertainment in Maine and Canada [arranged by student name] [cite various papers surveyed or possibly rearrange by newspaper title, then date?]

Class Demonstration Tape recordings [recordings and documentation files for same]
[Needs further arrangement within this series]

Tape Catalogs and Checklists
Catalog of Tapes collected by Ives while working under a grant from Indiana University to collect songs in the Miramichi Valley, New Brunswick, July, 1961.

Ives Bibliography
[Various articles written by Ives, photocopied from sources]
Offprints and pamphlets files

Ives Writings – Offprints & Articles
“The Bonny Earl of Murray: The Ballad as History”
“The Burning Ship pf Northumberland Strait: Some Notes Concerning that Apparition”
“Larry Gorman and the Cante Fable”
“The Life and Work of Larry Gorman: A Prelininary Report”
“Satirical Songs in Maine and the Maritime Provinces of Canada”
[Gorbey [JAF article. See also 10 folders of note cards; also thick folder of correspondence about Gorbey legend]
“The Northeast Folklore Society”
“The Convergence of the Twain: A Personal Disquisition on Contingency, with Adumbrations on the Future of Folklore Study on Prince Edward Island”
[others not yet listed here]

Writings of others either collected by Ives or given to him, and filed for reference, arranged alphabetically by author’s

Correspondence and Records
[Box 21]
Acheson [, James M.]
Adney [Tappen]
Agree, James
Anthropology Dept
Baglole/ Brinklow/ Etc
Baker Festschrift [Ron Baker]
“‘The Only Man’: Skill and Bravado on the River Drive”
BDN 9/9/96 [Bangor Daily News article]
Bean, Wayne
Beechhold [, Henry F.]
Blackie [“The Blackie Stories”]
Bok [, Gordon]
Boynton, Mia
Brandt, Mary
122: Bucksport Leg [witch’s curse]
Carey, George
“CBS Sunday Morning” [television appearance]
Chaney, Mike
Cheney, Tod
Cogswell, Fred
Cousins, John
de Caro [, Frank]
DeLarence, Francis
Field Diaries: June ’57 (Duplicates)
Doty [, Stew and Jan]
[Box 22]
Dundes, Alan
Emerick [, Richard]
English Dep’t photo 1956
Feldman, Lisa
Festschrift [correspondence on his]
Fieldwork: Misc [photocopied material]
Fox, John
Foxson [, Catherine]
Ghost stories
Glassie [, Henry]
Goldstein Award 2003
Larry Gorman Festival
New Gorman Material
Green, Steve
Guitar Miscellany
Harris, Mrs. George
Helen Creighton Foundation
History [photocopied articles]
Hoffman, Dan
Hunter, Julia
Ipcar [, Charles]
Jackson, Bruce
Sarah, John
Jones, Mike
KFV [Kommission fur Volksdichtung]
Kopp, Karl
[Box 23]
MacLeigh, Rod
Maine Folk!
MFC [Maine Folklife Center]
Miles, John
Misc. MS
Mountain, Ralph & Norma
NCTA- Bangor [National Council for Traditional Arts]
Northeast Historic Film
Nowlan, Alden
Olson, Ian
Paton [, Sandy]
Pattangall [, William]
Pea Cove Boom (Faulkner)
Penobscot Poets
Peterson (Ives-Daniels) [, Sidney A.]
Plummer, Jim
Pratt, Keith
PEI FMIC (Matt McGuire) [Prince Edward Island Folk Music Interpretive Centre]
Ranzoni [, Pat]
[Box 24]
Retirement party notes etc.
Richmond Bibliography [on ballads]
Rosenberg, Neil
Rouverol [, Alicia]
Schrager, Sam
New Joe Scott Material
Swift (Minn. Hist. Soc.)
Taylor, David
Toelken [, Barre]
Tuckwell [, John]
Vita [curriculum vitae]
Wilson, Bert
Yocum [, Peggy]
Zanes [John]
A- Mac [correspondence]
M- Z [correspondence]

Ernest Kennedy Research
[Box 25. Contains correction and notes on Ernest Kennedy transcripts.]
Catalog 6/21, 6/28, 7/12, 8/9, 8/23
Catalog 8/30- 11/29
Catalog 12/20/77- 11/14/78
Kennedy Interview 6/21/77
Kennedy stuff
T 1138 6/28/77 (Kennedy)
T 1139 6/28/77
T 1140 7/12/77
T 1140 7/12/77, 8/9/77
T 1141 8/23/77

Wilmot MacDonald Research
[Box 26]
MacDonald, Wilmot
Transcripts from NAFOH
Wilmot: Master copy
Wilmot record (CD)
Wilmot/ Smithsonian
Wilmot’s Type 461 transcript

Miscellaneous Research
[Box 27]
Amos Hanson MS
“Amos Hanson of Orland and his Songs”
Champney [, Kevin]
Convict’s Lament from Maine
Folklore and Biography [contribution to anthology and correspondence]
“Gracie Parker & “Deutschland”
Lovell [, Maine]
McKeen, Jeff
Miramichi Folksong Fest
John Mitchell
“Journeyman Poetry: Five Poems by John Mitchell of Northern Maine”
Moriarty, “Bill” (Poems)
New Joe Scott Material
Radner, Jo
Rosenberg Festschrift
“Stump Tombstones in Maine: A Survey and Same Speculation”
Rumford, Local Songs Talk
Thomaston Prisoner Song

Prince Edward Island Research
[Box 28]
DDCA correspondence [Drive Dull Care Away]
Folksongs of PEI
Gracie Parker corresp.
Heritage PEI Feb. 98
Hornsby Lecture Stuff
Photos for PEI Book
PEI Music
PEI Notes
Titon, Jeff
Tunes “Camera Ready”
Tunes: Rejects, Copies, etc.

[Box 29]
“Bonny Earl”- Reviews, etc.
DDCA Reviews [Drive Dull Care Away]
George Magoon: Reviews
Reviews Larry Gorman
Reviews: Lawrence Doyle
Reviews of Letters: Joe Scott
Reviews: Tape Recorded Interview

Addie Weed and Veazie Research
[Box 30]
Addie: Tape Catalogs
“Aunt Hat”
Deeds [field notes on Veazie cellar-holes]
Deeds: Original [Veazie, Maine and Massachusetts]
Deeds: Other Weed Property
Deeds (Weed Property) 2- 36
Fort Hill (Veazie)
Gillman, Sam. Misc. papers
Logging Contracts
Maps: Veazie
Miscellaneous documents, etc VZ
“Thirty- one” [funeral information on Weed/ Gilman family, Aunt Hat card catalogue, Maine archeological sites, correspondence]
Weed, Wyatt (II) Death of
Weed, Wyatt: Misc. pap

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