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Collections - MF 007 Canada Road Survey

Number of Interviews: 8
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1994-98
Time period covered: late 19th through 20th centuries
Principal interviewers: Barry Rodrigue
Finding Aides: none
Access Restrictions: Accession 2527

Description: Series of interviews by historian Barry Rodrigue on immigration into Maine from Quebec along the route known as the Canada Road, which includes Route 201. The Canada Road ran from the Quebec border through Dennistown, Jackman, Moose River, West Forks, The Forks, and Caratunk, to Moscow and Bingham, Maine.

2373 Rodrigue, Barry H. July 1995. Maine: Rangley. 3pp. Tape: 2 w/ no transcript. Interview with Alan Philbrick and Phyllis Quimby Philbrick about French Canadian family migration from St. Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec to Stratten, Maine c.1881, and Yankee family migration up the Carrabasset Valley, Maine. Alan Philbrick supplemented his Aunt Phyllis’s commentary by saying that the maiden name of his great-grandmother from Quebec was Pepin and her husbands was Touchette (approximate spelling). Also, two lobstering stories from Alan. The story of migration from Quebec concerns the little known Lac Magantic Trail. Canada Road Survey. C1422 – C1423

2374 Rodrigue, Barry H. August 1994. Maine: Jackman, Moose River, Dennistown, Sandy Bay Township, and just over the Canadian border. 6pp. Tape: 4 w/ no transcript. Canada Road Survey, interview #1. This is a driving survey with three local informants along new and old Routes 201 between Jackman and the Canadian border. It is a discussion of old house sites, people and events in the 19th and 20th centuries. The three informants were Ruth Reed, Elaine Moore and Clayton Holden. Barry Rodrigue participated and conducted the interview on August 10, 1994 from his car. Canada Road Survey. C1383 – C1386

2375 Rodrigue, Barry H. August 1994. Maine: Moose River Valley. Tape: 2 w/ no transcript. Canada Road Survey, interview #2. Two one hour tapes of a driving and still interviews about the early settlement of Moose River and vicinity. Interviews include Barry Rodrigue, Ruth Reed, Hope Earley, Clayton Holden, Ruel Tapley and Ruth Tapley. Interviews took place on August 19, 1994. Part of the interviews was made from the car in Jackman and Moose River and part was made in the Tapley’s yard and driveway in Moose River. Canada Road Survey. C1387 – C1388

2501 Rodrigue, Barry. 1997. Maine: Caratunk. 3pp. Tape: 2 w/ no transcript. Interview with Howard Mitchell recorded by Barry Rodrigue while travelling in a car in 1997. Interview deals with history of various sites in the Caratunk and Forks regions of Maine. Canada Road Survey Project. C1580 – C1581

2504 Rodrigue, Barry. 1997. Maine: Jackman. 3pp. Tape: 1 w/ no transcript. Interview with Eldred (Did) Doyon which includes information about his life, history of the Moose River region, the Canada Road, Dyerville, and a World War II prisoner of war (POW) camp. Canada Road Survey. C1584

2506 Rodrigue, Barry. 1997. Maine: Pleasant Ridge and Concord. 3pp. Tape: 4 w/ no transcript. Interview with George Platt, with some commentary by David, Lynn and Carolyn Corrigan at the end. Consists of both a driving and walking interview. Canada Road Survey. C1587 – C1590

2511 Rodrigue, Barry. Fall 1998. Maine: Concord, Bingham, Pleasant Ridge, Bowtow and Pierce Pond. 3pp. Tape: 4 w/no transcript. Interviews with George Pratt and Harry Melcher about history of region, logging in area, and Canada Road Survey. C1596 – C1599

2527 Rodrigue, Barry. February 1998. Maine: Old China Road. 1p. Tape: 1 w/ no transcript. A dubbing of Maine Public Radio’s, “Maine Things Considered,” August 30, 1994. Barry Rodrigue talks about the Canada Road. RESTRICTED: Copyright Maine Public Radio. C1622

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