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Hiring & Recruitment

Equal Opportunity Search Information

The Office of Equal Opportunity (EO) works with hiring units to ensure that the university is in compliance with its nondiscrimination and affirmative action obligations.


The way the university recruits for positions is guided by its annual affirmative action plans.  Each year, EO prepares an affirmative action plan for women and minorities.  The development of this plan includes a comparison of the current demographics of job groups within the university to demographic data regarding the theoretically available individuals qualified to work in these job groups.  When the number of women or minorities in the theoretically available pool exceeds those in the university’s workforce, annual hiring goals are established.

In accordance with federal regulations, these annual hiring goals are not hiring quotas nor do they require, or even permit, preferential treatment in the hiring process.  Rather, they require targeted outreach in accordance with the goals established.

Please contact Karen Kemble (581.1226 or ) for administrators and tenure-track faculty searches or Bonita Grindle (581.1227 or for professional and non-tenure-track faculty searches to determine if there are goals for the search being conducted.  If so, EO can assist you in locating appropriate recruitment resources to meet the university’s affirmative action obligations.

For professional and faculty positions, the hiring unit must complete a Recruitment Strategy Form.  This form, among other things, identifies the search committee members and describes the recruitment efforts that will be undertaken.

The recruitment strategy form will be submitted to Human Resources with the other paperwork required to initiate a search.  This package will be routed through the Office of Equal Opportunity for appropriate approval.

Position Announcement

Equal Opportunity will also review your position announcement to be sure that it is in conformity with our nondiscrimination and affirmative action obligations.

One requirement for all position announcements is that they contain a notice identifying the University as an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.  This may be accomplished by simply adding a sentence to the announcement that states:  “The University of Maine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.”  For other suggested statements, please see Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Statements.


For all professional and faculty searches, the search chair must meet with Office of Equal Opportunity staff to be updated on equal opportunity and affirmative action issues that pertain to the search being conducted.  This meeting must occur before the committee meets to review applications for the position.  Please contact Ellen Manzo (581.1226 or to schedule a briefing.

Applicant Log

As part of its affirmative action obligations, EO reaches out to applicants to allow them to self-identify their race/ethnicity and gender with our voluntary survey.  No specific information about a candidate is shared with the search committee.  Rather, this information helps us to assess the success of our outreach efforts.

For hourly positions, applicants may opt to do this by completing a separate page of the application that is then supplied to EO.

For professional and faculty positions, EO must contact applicants to give them an opportunity to provide this information.  In order to facilitate this process, the hiring department must submit an applicant log to EO.  This log can be found at the following link: applicant-log (XLS) and can be submitted electronically.  This must be done before the Committee begins to review applications.  The log must be updated if additional applications are received and reviewed.

Search Summary Form

At the conclusion of the process, a Search Summary Form must be submitted to EO.   This information may be submitted electronically.  This form asks for the gender of all candidates (to the extent it can be determined from the application materials) and both the gender and race/ethnicity (minority vs. non-minority) of the finalists (those interviewed) based on the application materials, visual observations of and other interactions with those finalists.  No applicant should be asked about his or her race/ethnicity or gender.  If the information is unknown, this may be indicated.  The information is used to supplement that provided by applicants themselves.


If an applicant raises a concern about how he or she was treated during the application process or the outcome of the search, please call us.

If you have any questions about either the forms required or the process, please contact:

Karen Kemble (581.1226 or
for administrators and tenure-track faculty; or

Bonita Grindle (581.1227 or
for professional and non-tenure-track faculty.

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