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IMRC Center


Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center (IMRC) is outfitted with a variety of tools and equipment available for use by students, faculty, staff and community members.

Prototyping and Testing

Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) will design and build prototype and development projects ranging from large scale fabrications to machined parts with micro-millimeter tolerances. This first-class facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies.

Food Product Development, Testing and Production

Whether your starting a small home based business or looking to take your project large scale Food Science Pilot Plant has the tools and experience to guide you on your way.

Specialty Labs and Equipment


Process Development Center (PDC) offers its facility, equipment, and expertise for cooperative research and development projects. For nearly 30 years, the PDC, equipped with a state of the art fiber processing plant, has set the industry standard for collaborative pulp and paper research and has recently expanded into other technology areas, such as bioplastics, solid and liquid biofuels and nanomaterials.

Forest Bioproducts Research Institute (FBRI) aims to augment the pulp and paper and building products industries with new revenue streams of high-profit margin chemicals, plastics and nanotechnology products, as well as, new sources of energy. Best of all, these bioproducts would leave a smaller, lighter ecological footprint.

Multimedia_060611_1671Advanced Structures and Composites Center leads the way on research initiatives include cutting-edge technology development for deepwater offshore wind, public infrastructure, consumer products, residential and light commercial construction, force protection and homeland security. Their faculty, engineers and research staff have design, engineering and analysis expertise.

Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research (CCAR) located in Franklin, Maine, is one of the foremost facilities for marine recirculation technology and has one of the most advanced marine fish hatcheries in the country. CCAR has experienced staff well equipped to help companies develop their business plans, find a site for commercial operations, develop and protect intellectual property, put together a management team, secure investment capital, and to go commercial.

Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology (LASST) is a well-equipped facility for atomic level materials synthesis and processing, surface and interface characterization, and micro/nanofabrication and testing of solid-state devices.


ASAP Media Services is a student-operated New Media research and development organization. Its funding comes from implementing projects for both on and off campus clients. Students are responsible for all aspects of the development process: writing proposals, design, implementation, testing and deployment. The key to ASAP’s process is providing the environment and incentive for students to grow.

Office Space

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