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About Us - Departments and Programs


Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research (CCAR)

The Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research is a commercial scale aquaculture facility located in Franklin, Maine. The facilities comprise both seawater and freshwater systems for finfish rearing and holding, and are used to train staff and students in aquaculture techniques, demonstrate marine aquaculture, and offer business incubation services. More information is available online.

Foster Center for Student Innovation

Foster Center for Student Innovation

The Innovation Center provides students, faculty and staff with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to become an innovator and entrepreneur. The center offers programs and events, as well as access to one-on-one advising and coaching, credit courses in innovation, fun and inspirational seminars, and offices and meeting space for student companies and projects. More information is available at the Innovation Center’s website  

Target Technology Incubator

Located in Orono, Maine, the Target Technology Incubator provides developing firms with the space, support services and resources necessary to become successful. This center is one of seven centers in Maine designed to assist firms engaged in technology related activities. Visit for more information. 


Advanced Computing Research Lab

The Advanced Computing Research Lab promotes and facilitates High Performance Computing (HPC) for the University of Maine System, the New England region, and the North American continent. Visit for more information.

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