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Schoodic expeditionFaculty

Peter Koons

Christopher Gerbi

Ed Grew

Scott Johnson 

Dan Lux

Marty Yates

Affiliated faculty from other departments

Zhihe Jin

Bruce Segee

Senthil Vel

Yifeng Zhu


strike & dipCurrent Graduate Students

Maura Foley     (PhD; Advisors: Peter Koons, Chris Gerbi)

Stephanie Mills      (MS; Advisor: Chris Gerbi)

Derek Morris     (MS; Advisor: Ed Grew)

Charles Rodda     (MS; Advisor: Peter Koons)

Sam Roy     (PhD; Advisor: Peter Koons)

Deb Shulman     (PhD; Advisor: Chris Gerbi)

Bora Song     (PhD; Advisor: Scott Johnson)

Won Joon Song     (PhD; Advisor: Scott Johnson)

Lauren Wheeler     (MS; Advisor: Peter Koons)


Scott at SchoodicCollaborators outside UMaine

Page Chamberlain

Bernard Hallet

Terry Pavlis

Phaedra Upton

Peter Zeitler


Former Students

Ben Frieman (M.S.) 2012

Advisor: Scott Johnson

Thesis: The effect of microstructural and rheological heterogeneity on porphyroblast kinematics and bulk strength in porphyroblastic schists.

 JohnRyan MacGregor (M.S.) 2012

Advisor: Edward Grew

Thesis: Boron isotopic study of the borosilicate tourmaline, prismatine and grandidierite in granulite facies paragneisses from the Larsemann Hills, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica.

 Nancy A. Price (Ph.D.) 2012

Advisor: Scott Johnson

Thesis: Strucutre and rheology of the sandhill corner shear zone Norumbega Fault System, Maine: A study of a fault from the base of the seismogenic zone.

 Ian Putnam (M.S.) 2012

Advisor: Daniel Lux

Thesis: Characterization of the Traeler and Kineo Rhyolites and implications for geoarchaeology.

 Brianna Force (M.S.) 2011

Advisor: Daniel Lux

Thesis: Schlieren structures in the Mount Waldo Granite Pluton Maine: Implications for magma chamber processes.

 Felice Naus-Thijssen (Ph.D.) 2011

Advisor: Scott Johnson

Thesis: Crenulation cleavage development and the influence of rock microstructure on crustal seismic anisotropy.

 Samuel Roy (M.S.) 2011

Advisor: Scott Johnson

Thesis: Fractal Analysis and thermal-elastic modeling of a subvolccanic magmatic breccia: the Shatter Zone, Mount Desert Island, Maine.

 Jeffrey Marsh (Ph.D.) 2010

Advisors: Scott Johnson and Christopher Gerbi

Thesis: Interactions among metamorphism, deformation and chemical transport processes in high strain crustal rocks.

 Meredith Petri (M.S.) 2009

Advisor: Christopher Gerbi

Thesis: Fluid infiltration and strain localization in the Whitestone Anorthosite, Grenville Province, Ontario.

 Eva Wadowski (M.S.) 2009

Advisor: Edward Grew

Thesis: Microstructural and chemical study of borosilicate minerals in pegmatites from the Larsemann Hills, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica.

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