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Geodynamics, Crustal Studies and Earth Rheology

explanationThe Geodynamics group at the University of Maine applies interdisciplinary research to better understand Earth’s thermal, mechanical and geological evolution. We integrate numerical and analog modeling of dynamic processes with field- and laboratory-based geological studies in regions undergoing active deformation from various parts of the world. We also examine the structure, kinematics and petrology of ancient mountain belts from the perspective gained by our work in active orogens. The information from exposed ancient belts about strain distribution, fabric evolution, metamorphic reactions, and melting feeds back into our studies of modern orogens.

We list some of our current projects below, and you can see recent past projects by clicking the link near the top of the page.

Current Projects

Most of the geodynamics group is involved in one way or another with each of the projects listed below. We list them here organized by the faculty member leading or overseeing the project. For projects involving or being led by graduate students, their names are listed with the titles.

TumbledownScott Johnson

I have a wide variety of interests in the general fields of structural geology and rheology. Below are a few of the projects that I am currently and/or perpetually involved in, but I often engage in new projects in response to the interests and strengths of my incoming graduate students.

IMG_4645 (2) Chris Gerbi

looking around


Ed Grew



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