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Graduate Students

Earth and Climate Sciences

Deborah Shulman Ph.D. advisor Strain-depending weakening mechanisms in orogenic lower crust
Stephanie Mills M.S. advisor Quartz microstructures as illuminated by cathodoluminescence
Maura Foley Ph.D. co-advisor Effects of weak zones on orogen development
Won Joon Song Ph.D. co-advisor The relationship between microstructure and seismic anisotropy in the crust
Ben Frieman (2012)
Currently a Ph.D. student at the Colorado School of Mines
M.S. co-advisor The effect of microstructural and rheological heterogeneity on porphyroblast kinematics and bulk strength in porphyroblastic schists
Jeff Marsh (2010)
Currently Assistant Professor at Queens College
Ph.D. co-advisor Investigating coupled chemical and mechanical microprocesses in strain localization phenomena
Meredith Petrie (2009)
Currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Iowa
M.S. advisor

Fluid infiltration and strain localization in the Whitestone Anorthosite, Grenville Province, Ontario

Master of Science in Teaching program

Hendrik Lenferink MST co-advisor Student understanding of mantle dynamics
Erik DaSilva MST advisor Teaching the geographic influence on climate in 9th grade classes

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