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Maine’s efforts to develop a knowledge-based economy have spawned a network of seven state-coordinated Applied Technology Development Centers. These business incubators assist the early-stage development of technology-based companies.

Incubators provide physical space, access to equipment and meeting space, hands-on management assistance and access to important business and technology support services. Companies typically graduate from the incubator in two to three years. Incubators aim to produce successful graduates that are financially stable and functionally efficient enough to survive in a dynamic economy. The success of a business incubation program is unparalleled; according to the National Business Incubation Association, 87 percent of incubator graduates remain in business.

Office of Innovation and Economic Development is affiliated with all seven incubators in the ATDC network, and is actively involved in the management of the following incubators:

The Target Technology Incubator provides information technology firms with the resources necessary to attain long-term success in technology development, commercialization, and business. Office of Innovation and Economic Development manages the operation of this center.

For more information contact:
Target Technology Center
20 Godfrey Dr.
Orono, ME 04473
Phone: 207.866.6535
Fax: 207.866.6501

The Maine Aquaculture Incubator enhances the success of early-stage companies in the aquaculture and marine sciences sector through its locations in Walpole and Franklin. Together with the Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center, Office of Innovation and Economic Development manages these incubators.

For more information contact:
Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center
5717 Corbett Hall, Room 438
Orono, ME 04469-5717
Phone: 207.581.2263
Fax: 207.581.1479

Director: Chris Davis –

The Composite Technology Centers provide technical and business assistance to emerging composite and advanced materials firms through three locations: a well-equipped industrial facility in Sanford, a multi-purpose facility under development in Greenville, and an operation at the University of Maine’s Advanced Engineered Wood Composites Center in Orono. Office of Innovation and Economic Development manages these centers in conjunction with the Sanford-Springvale Chamber of Commerce and the Piscataquis County Economic Development Corporation.

For more information contact:
PO Box 508
Sanford, ME 04073-0508
Phone: 207.459.7337
Fax: 207.459.7336

The Office of Innovation and Economic Development provides technical and research assistance to the business incubators for agriculture and forestry technologies, biotechnology, environmental technology, and precision manufacturing.

For more information on the other Applied Technology Development Centers, please visit their websites:

The Maine Center for Enterprise Development
The Thomas M. Teague Biotechnology Center of Maine


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