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Sexual Assault Information

Possible Disciplinary Sanctions for Rape and Sexual Assault

Any person found to have committed the offense of rape or sexual assault by the University of Maine Conduct Committee and/or the State of Maine judicial system will be subject to severe disciplinary sanctions to include immediate suspension or dismissal.

Victim’s options for changing Academic and Living Situations

Any victim of rape or sexual assault has the right to request a change in living areas or academic situations. If an immediate threat is felt by a person, they can and will be reassigned a room on a temporary basis until such time as the threat is removed or eliminated. Arrangements have been made through Residence Life and Programs to have immediate access to a room.

Procedures Victims Should Follow If an Offense Occurs

Any victim of rape or sexual assault should immediately contact the UMaine Police Department¬†who will immediately respond to assist the victim in getting medical attention, and then investigate the crime. At all times, the victim’s rights will be protected and the victim will have input into the course of the investigation. Counseling services will be provided if the victim is receptive to such services. It is critical that you seek medical attention as soon as possible — do not bathe or change clothes, as you may eliminate criminal evidence.

Procedures for On-Campus Disciplinary Action

  1. Accuser and accused will have the same rights to have others present at any hearing, including the assistance of an advisor and/or legal counsel.
  2. Accuser and accused will both be informed of the outcome of any such hearings when the charge is a violent act. Victims must be informed of their option to notify proper law enforcement authorities, and their option to be assisted in doing so.

If a rape or sexual assault is reported to any University official other than UMaine PD, the victim will be informed of their option to notify proper law enforcement authorities (UMaine PD) and will be assisted in doing so if requested.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are provided on campus, free of charge, to any student victim of a rape or sexual assault who desires this service. Other services are available at the locations and phone numbers listed below.  All these agencies either have counseling services available or contact people who can assist a victim with obtaining counseling services and law enforcement assistance.

Safe Campus Project 581-4190
St. Joseph Hospital, Bangor, Maine 262-5000
Rape Response Services, Bangor, Maine 1-800-310-0000
UMaine Office of Equal Opportunity 581-1226
UMaine Judicial Affairs Office 581-1406
UMaine Cutler Health Center 581-4000
UMaine Counseling Center 581-1392
Statewide Crisis (Nights/Weekends) 1-888-568-1112