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Clery Safety and Security Report

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The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires that each campus report on fires at student housing facilities as well as publish a fire safety report which is to be available to the public after October 1 of every year. A copy of the annual report is available upon request. Contact the Safety and Environmental Management Department at (207) 581-4055.

1. Log of fires in student housing facilities during 2009. The log for the current year is available at the University of Maine Police Department.

Summary of Log:  We have had 21 fires with no loss of life or injuries. The property damage is estimated to be $392.00.  These fires have all consisted of melting, scorching, and singeing with no significant damage.

Date/Time Building/Location Cause Injuries /Deaths Description of Damage Property Damage (Estimate)
6:45 AM
Aroostook Hall
2nd floor Men’s room
Unknown 0/0 Two plastic pegs melted. $20.00
10:20 PM
Knox Hall
3 North Hallway
Unknown 0/0 Scorch marks on poster. $5.00
12:22 AM
Androscoggin Hall
2nd Floor Hallway
Unknown 0/0 Scorch marks on ceiling tile. $20.00
2:37 AM
Hancock Hall
Elevator floor
Unknown 0/0 Scorch marks on elevator floor. $5.00
10:01 AM
Cumberland Hall
1st floor men’s room
Unknown 0/0 Melted toilet paper holder. $20.00
1:49 AM
Somerset Hall
2nd floor south door
Unknown 0/0 Burned emergency warning poster. $5.00
7:08 AM
Somerset Hall
2nd floor Hallway
Unknown 0/0 Scorched piece of paper. $1.00
10:37 PM
Knox Hall
Unknown 0/0 Singed plastic light cover. $50.00
9:52 AM
Androscoggin Hall
Unknown 0/0 Scorch mark on ceiling. $5.00
11:32 PM
Androscoggin Hall
3rd floor Hallway
Unknown 0/0 Singe marks on paper. $1.00
2:00 PM
Androscoggin Hall
North entrance
Unknown 0/0 Singed sign and soot on callbox. $5.00
10:13 PM
Knox Hall
Door to room 213
Unknown 0/0 Singed and name tag on door. $10.00
3:12 PM
Knox  Hall
South exit door
Unknown 0/0 Exit sign blackened. $5.00
7:41 AM
Kennebec Hall
Unknown 0/0 Scorched diffuser on ceiling light. $50.00
7:56 AM
Kennebec Hall
Unknown 0/0 Scorched diffuser on ceiling light. $50.00
7:26 am
Kennebec Hall
Unknown 0/0 Scorched diffuser on ceiling light. $50.00
7:32 AM
Kennebec Hall
Unknown 0/0 Scorched diffuser on ceiling light. $50.00
12:37 PM
York Hall
Hallway 1st floor east side
Unknown 0/0 Scorch marks on bulletin board. $10.00
5:59 AM
Androscoggin Hall
Unknown 0/0 Scorched Photograph $10.00
10-25-09 Androscoggin Hall
Unknown 0/0 Scorched Banner $20.00

2. Description of each of campus student housing facility fire safety system:

Building Fire Alarm System Detectors Sprinkler System Other
Androscoggin Hall yes yes yes  
Aroostook Hall yes yes yes  
Balentine Hall yes yes yes  
Cumberland Hall yes yes yes  
Colvin Hall yes yes yes  
DTAV yes yes yes  
Estabrooke Hall yes yes no  
Gannett Hall yes yes yes  
Hancock Hall yes yes yes  
Hart Hall yes yes yes  
Kennebec Hall yes yes yes  
Knox Hall yes yes yes  
Oak Hall yes yes yes  
Oxford Hall yes yes yes  
Patch Hall yes yes yes  
Penobscot Hall yes yes yes  
Somerset Hall yes yes yes  
Stodder Hall yes yes yes  
York Hall yes yes yes  

3. The number of fire drills held during the previous calendar year:

  • Two drills were held in conjunction with the Orono Fire Department per calendar year in student housing.

4. Description of the institutions policies or rules on portable electrical appliances, smoking, and open flames in a student housing facility:

5. The institution’s procedures for student housing evacuation in the case of a fire:

6. Description of the policies regarding fire safety education provided to the students and employees:

7. For the purposes of including fires statistics in the annual fire safety report, a list of the titles of each person or organization to which students and employees should report a fire is:

  • All fires must be reported the University of Maine Police Department

8. Plans for future improvements in fire safety, if determined necessary by the institution.

9. Link to Clery Safety and Security Report:

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