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Outstanding Classified Employee Award

The Classified Employees Advisory Council (CEAC) believes it is important to recognize exceptional and dedicated service to the University by classified employees.  The CEAC works to raise awareness in the campus community about the indispensable contributions that represented and non-represented classified employees make to the quality, diversity and overall mission of the University of Maine.  Toward this end, each year, CEAC sponsors the Outstanding Classified Employee Award.

The criteria each finalist must meet include:

  • being a current classified employee
  • serving the University a minimum of three (3) continuous years (full or part-time)
  • inspiring others through dedication, commitment, and work ethic
  • maintaining the highest level of professional service to the campus community, or within their department(s), or area(s) of responsibility
  • providing outstanding service to their University department(s)
  • through outstanding service, helping to create a better environment for employees, students and campus community

UMaine employees may nominate a Classified employee meeting the above criteria for this award.  Each award must include at least three (3) letters of recommendation attached that describe the nominee’s actions, activities, and attitudes that set their job performance and contributions to the University community above normal expected levels. Past recipients are not eligible for the award.

After screening the nominations it receives, CEAC’s Classified Employees Recognition Committee will present an award and a cash stipend of $1,000 each to the two finalists.

2014 Award Recipients:

Deborah Grant and Janice Bacon

Past Award Recipients:

2011 Colwell Severance, Janice Madore

2010 Wanda Cunningham, Wayne Chadwick

2009 Doreen Thibodeau, Carol Rickards

2008 Paulette Ferland, Orman Jackson

2007 Delores Stone, Robert Boyington

2006 Victoria Kane, Darlene Bergeron

2005 Faye Woodcock-Murray, Alan Stormann

2004 Janice Gomm, Pamela McManus, Phyllis Thibodeau

2003 Brenda Collamore, Doreen Parent

2002 Susan Anderson, Mary Burton

2001 Jane Bartram, Joseph Cannon

2000 Kathy Davis-Dentici, Steve Helmke

1999 Diane LeGrande, Lynn West

1998 Suzanne Moulton, Judy Polyot & Brenda Cote (together)

1997 Betty Kalogeris, Jonnie Wheaton

1996 Jim Dunphy, Carol LeClair, Betty Lee

1995 Cheryl Ann McGovern, Robert Stormann, Donna Taylor-Schmidt