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  • “This was an invaluable experience.  I not only learned in the classroom, but from the culture.”
  • “New Brunswick, though a close neighbor, offers a lot of culture.  While it’s close enough to go home in a couple of hours, it is a distinctly different country/region.  The Maritimes have their own music, accent, and traditions.”
  • “Befriending Canadians and seeing ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ allowed me a view into a unique North American culture.  Attending Simon Fraser University has brought considerable perspective to my life here in Maine as both a student and a citizen.”

Three Avenues for Exchange:

Direct Exchange | Consortium Exchanges (QC, NS) | Direct Enroll


University of New Brunswick

This exchange program is also open to Graduate Students

The main campus with 10,000 full-time students is located in Fredericton, the provincial capital, population 125,000. A smaller campus is located in the city of Saint John.

Best known for Education, Forestry, and Nursing, UNB offers a BA or BS in Arts, Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Business Administration, Computer Science, Data Analysis, Education, Kinesiology, Nursing, Engineering, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Office Management, Forest Engineering, and Forestry and Environmental Management.

In Maclean’s Magazine university ranking, UNB placed in Canada’s top 10 of excellent comprehensive universities, and in the top 10 for “top marks for going the distance” with their students.

Consortium Exchange Programs in Quebec and Nova Scotia

The New England/Québec Student Exchange Program provides eligible UMaine  college students the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at one of the Québec campuses listed below.  The Québec campuses offer a wide variety of learning environments and an impressive array of course offerings .  While on exchange, students also enjoy Québec’s vibrant cultural scene, natural beauty and extensive recreational opportunities, including world-class skiing.


The New England/Nova Scotia Student Exchange Program provides UMaine  college students the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at participating Nova Scotia campuses.  Students may choose from nine English-speaking universities as well as professional schools which offer a wide variety of learning environments and an impressive array of course offerings.  While on exchange, students also have the opportunity to enjoy the capital city of Halifax, home to over 35,000 college students as well as Nova Scotia’s awe-inspiring highlands, picturesque seacoast and a host of cultural attractions.



ANY University in Canada is open to UMaine students who qualify for the Canada Year Program and who pay the out-of-country price for tuition.

Top ranking Canadian universities according to Maclean’s Magazine include:

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Canadian-American Center Directory

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