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Raymond Pelletier

Raymond J. Pelletier

  •  Former Associate Director, Canadian-American Center
  • Emeritus Professor of French
  • Cooperating Associate Professor of Education


Canadian-American Center
The University of Maine
154 College Avenue Orono, ME 04473


  • AB (Modern Languages) Providence College
  • M.A. (French) Michigan State University
  • Ph.D. (French) University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Research Areas:

  • French-language novels of France and North America
  • Francophone Cultures
  • Pedagogy of Language Teaching

Current Research:

  • French in Maine and New England
  • Les Flibustiers de la Nouvelle-France

Interests and Activities:

  • Traveling, Culinary Arts
  • Keeping up with the pursuits of his children
  • Adapting to Retirement

Awards and Services:

  • Scholar in residence, Institute for Quebec Studies, SUNY Plattsburgh, Spring 2014
  • ACQS Distinguished Service Award, ACQS Conference, November 2012
  • Graduate Mentor Award, University of Maine, May 2010
  • Richard Williamson Award for Leadership in Language Education, Foreign Language Association of Maine, March 2009
  • 20/20 Vision Award, ACSUS, November 2009
  • Recipient, on behalf of ACQS, of the Prix du 3-juillet-1608 from the Conseil supérieur de la langue française du Québec, March 2005
  • Honored for 25 years of service to the University of Maine, May 2004
  • President, Vice President, Maine Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French, 2003 – 2006
  • President, Vice President, Executive Director, American Council for Quebec Studies, 2003 – Present
  • Honored as lauréat of the American Association of Teachers of French, 1994
  • Honoree for having taken the lead in developing Academic Alliances, American Association for Higher Education, 1992

Courses taught:

Institutes Led: (For teachers of French)

  • “La peninsule Acadienne” (Summer, 2014, Orono and Fort Kent, ME and Caraquet, NB.)
  • «Le film française nord américain à l’usage de l’enseignement de la langue et de la culture» (summer 2010, Orono, ME)
  • «Samuel de Champlain : Fondateur de la ville de Québec et Explorateur de la Nouvelle-France» (summer 2008, Québec City, Montréal, Crown Point, Ottawa)
  • «Tournée littéraire de la région de la ville de Québec» (summer 2006 Péribonka, Trois-Pistoles, Ste-Justine, Québec City)
  • «L’Acadie d’hier et d’aujourd’hui» (summer 2004, Castine ME, Port-Royal NS, Grand-Pré NS, Louisbourg NS, Moncton NB)
  • «Retraite pour professeurs de langue française au Québec» (summer 2002, Montéal, St-Paul, Québec City)
  • «Western France» (summer 1998, Angers, St-Malo, Chicoutimi)

Institutes Led: (For university faculty)

  • French immerson (summer 2011, Pointe-de-l’Eglise, Nouvelle-Ecosse)
  • French immersion (summer 2009, Chicoutimi, Québec)


Currently Teaching:

Fall 2013:

MLC 466/566 Methods of Foreign Language Teaching

Spring 2014:

CAN 101 – Introduction to Canada (Online)

Office Hours: By appointment, Canadian American Center


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