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Week Twelve: Nov. 19 & 21

Unit 4: Fine Arts, Language, and Literature in French and English Canada

Tuesday, November 19
Contemporary First Nations Literature

Professor Margaret Lukens
Department of Englishlukens-250x212

Thursday,  November 21

Canadian Art: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven

Professor Karen Linehan karen_linehan
Department of Art History


Reading Assignment for 11/21: Ryan Edwardson, “A Canadian Modernism: The Group of Seven ‘Algonquin School,’ 1912-17 (e-reserve)

Carolyn Machardy, “An Inquiry into the Success of Tom Thomson’s ‘The West Wind’” (e-reserve)

*Please also look at “Canadian Art Images” (pdf) on e-reservewhich has high-quality resolution copies of images used in Prof. Linehan’s lecture.


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