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Course Outline

Course Outline: (click Week for more information)

Unit 1: The Landscapes and Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Week One:

Tuesday, Sept. 3 – Introduction and review of syllabus
Thursday, Sept. 5 – The Physical Geography of Canada

Week Two:

Tuesday, Sept 10 – The Cultural Geography of Canada
Thursday, Sept. 12 – Canada’s Native Peoples

Week Three:

Tuesday, Sept. 17 – Archaeology and First Nations Culture
Thursday, Sept. 19 – The People of Northern Canada: the Inuit of Nunavik and the James Bay Cree

Week Four:

Tuesday, Sept. 24 – Visit to the Hudson Museum, at the Collins Center for the Arts
Thursday, Sept. 26 – “Memories of Earth” documentary by James Lemire with Frédéric Back
*Article reviews for Unit 1 due*

Week Five:

Tuesday, Oct. 1 – **FIRST EXAM**

Unit 2: The Settler History of Canada

Thursday, Oct. 3 – Acadia and New France

Week Six:

Tuesday, Oct. 8 – The Making of British North America
Thursday, Oct. 10 – Post Confederation Canada

Week Seven:

Tuesday, Oct. 15 – No class—Fall Break
Thursday, Oct. 17 – Canada, the United States, and Latin America
*Article reviews for Unit 2 due*

Week Eight:

Tuesday, Oct. 22 – **SECOND EXAM**
Thursday, Oct. 24 – No Class/Canadian Studies Field Trip to Ottawa

Unit 3: The Politics and Economy of Canada

Week Nine:

Tuesday, Oct. 29 – Some Realities in Canada’s Politics
Thursday, Oct. 31 – Canadian-American Relations

Week Ten:

Tuesday, Nov. 5 – Film: “To the Last Drop: Canada’s Dirty Oil Sands”
Thursday, Nov. 7 – U.S.-Canada Trade

Week Eleven:

Tuesday, Nov. 12 – NAFTA: What It Is, What It Isn’t and Why it Matters
*Article reviews for Unit 3 due*
Thursday, Nov. 14 – **THIRD EXAM**

Week Twelve:

Tuesday, Nov. 19 –  Contemporary First Nations Literature
Thursday, Nov. 21 – Canadian art: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven

Week Thirteen:

Tuesday, Nov. 26 – Quebec and Canadian Bilingualism
Thursday, Nov. 28 – No Class—Thanksgiving break

Week Fourteen:

Tuesday, Dec 3 – Canadian Literature in English
Thursday, Dec. 5 – French-Canadian Literature

Week Fifteen:

Tuesday, Dec. 10 – Roch Carrier’s Canada
Thursday, Dec. 12 –  Film: “The Rocket: The legend of Rocket Richard” (2005, Alliance Atlantis)

Final Exam: Thursday, December 19 (2:45-4:45), 120 Little Hall

Information will appear on student schedules on MaineStreet.


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