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Training Opportunities - Drill Cadet Leadership Training (DCLT)

Drill Cadet Leadership Training (DCLT) is a 4-week program that provides cadets an opportunity to apply leadership skills, interact with highly skilled and experienced Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) and drill sergeants, and improve common task skill proficiency in an Army training environment. Cadets serve in positions with the cadre of Initial Entry Training (IET) and One-Station Unit Training (OSUT) units — Basic Combat Training.

Non-SMP MSL III cadets are assigned to the DCLT program by their PMS and must successfully complete Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) before proceeding to their assigned position. The DCLT program does not require an application. All DCLT positions are linked to a specific regiment of the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC). As a result, attendance to the specific regiment is mandatory. The assigned regiment will not be changed to accommodate personal situations. LDAC will be followed by a mandatory one-week TRADOC Cadre Training Course and then a three week utilization-tour with a IET or OSUT battalion or company. Cadets can expect to interact closely with drill sergeants, basic training soldiers, and support personnel.

Cadets selected for a DCLT program must complete the DCLT Acceptance Statement  


MSL III cadets only .

Selected cadets must be in peak physical condition to avoid injury and make a positive impression on new soldiers. Cadets must physically prepare for training using exercises in the TRADOC Standardized Physical Training Guide- BCT

Check the chart below for a list of locations and host branches. This chart is based on units which have historically hosted cadets, not all of these opportunities may be available this year. The positions reflected are for informational purposes only, to assist PMSs in educating cadets about DCLT program.

DCLT Locations
Ft. Benning, GA Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Ft. Jackson, SC Ft. Sill, OK
Ft. Knox, KY  

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