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The Advanced Manufacturing Center

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Who does the AMC work with?

We work with a variety of clients from a broad range of industries.  The types of clients we serve are typically:

Will the AMC or University of Maine own my ideas if I work with you?

No.  The AMC and the University of Maine will not claim ownership of your inventions and unique ideas if you work with us.

The work we primarily do is what we call “project work.”  We take your core concepts and work out the nuts and bolts of how to build it.  We often refer to this as “packaging.”  However, if you require the AMC to resolve a technical obstacle that prevents your unique idea from working, and which results in a new, unique invention, the University of Maine may assert ownership of that invention.  You will have the first opportunity to license any new inventions developed by the AMC as a result of work on your project.

Additionally we protect you and ourselves with a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  This agreement prevents the sharing of any information with other people, and keeps any information shared from constituting a public disclosure under under U.S. patent law.

What do your services cost?

How much working with the AMC will cost depends largely on the size and complexity of your project. As a non profit in the State of Maine we charge the direct costs required to complete your project.

Project costs consist of:

How Do I Work With The AMC?

Working with the AMC is easier than you think. There are 5 basic steps for any project we work on.

  1. Contact Us
  2. The First Meeting
  3. Scope of Work Development and Agreements
  4. Work in Process
  5. Review, Delivery, & Follow Up

Contact Us

To get started you’ll need to contact the AMC by phone, 1-207-581- 2725. In this contact we will set up a time to meet with you either in person at our Facility or over the telephone to discuss your needs.

The First Meeting

When we first meet we will give you an opportunity to present your ideas and goals. We will ask some questions, and possibly make some suggestions that may be to your benefit. Our ultimate objective is to sort out what your immediate needs are, and how best to address them.

Scope of Work Development and Agreements

Shortly after meeting with you we will send you a Scope of Work and Project Agreement that covers what our best understanding is of your project needs. The Scope of Work will detail what we are going to do for or with you. This often includes when it will start, how long it will take, what is required of you, what is promised by us (deliverables), and how much we anticipate the project will cost. Often there is some back and forth discussion with clients as we refine the scope to capture a project that best meets their needs. Once a Scope of Work is completed the Project Agreements are signed and any applicable deposit is paid.

Work in Process

When a project is “In Process” it means that we are actively working towards its completion per the project agreement we have with you. For long term, more complicated projects, there are often meetings and chances for the client to review progress, steer decisions as necessary, and review budget consumption.

Review, Delivery, & Follow Up

When a project is completed we will meet with you to present the final deliverables, and complete the transfer to you. This could mean we deliver test results or an engineering opinion, or we ship you completed prototypes. We often follow up with clients who have received physical components several weeks or months after delivery to be sure things are still operating correctly.


Contact Information

The Advanced Manufacturing Center
5796 AMC Building
Orono, ME 04469
Phone: 207-581-2756 | Fax: 207-581-2725E-mail:
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469
A Member of the University of Maine System