Welcome to the Tutor Program

The Tutor Program, a part of the University’s College Success Programs, provides tutoring for UMaine students who need academic assistance in 100 and 200 level, non-web based courses. Small group and drop-in by appointment tutoring is available at no additional cost to students.

A staff of peer tutors is hired to work with small groups of students who meet two times a week throughout the semester. Tutoring sessions are held Monday through Friday during the day or evening and are conducted in a classroom setting. Tutor groups consist of students who are in the same course and have the same instructor. Students learn how to process course material, sharpen their reasoning and questioning skills, and utilize available resources to become interdependent learners. Sessions are process-oriented, learner-centered, and require the active involvement of each student.

Drop-in by appointment tutoring is held in the Tutor Program classroom in Fogler Library. Students may utilize drop-in tutoring for up to one hour per course per week.

College Reading and Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Program Certification has certified the University of Maine’s Tutor Program through 2016. This certification recognizes that the Tutor Program plays a vital role in enhancing student learning.