Job Posting Red Flags

When browsing CareerLink for jobs, please keep in mind that while every effort is made to confirm the legitimacy of every job posting, fraudulent jobs do exist and you should maintain caution when browsing for positions online.

If you feel uncertain about any job opening you see on CareerLink, do not provide any personal information and contact our office as soon as possible with your concerns.

Please report any suspicious activity on CareerLink, and keep an eye out for the following red flags:

  • The job or hiring manager asks you to provide financial information of any kind (bank account, credit card, other personal finance documents) Do not give out any financial information at any point during your job search and hiring process.
  • The position requires you to make an initial investment of some kind.
  • Driver’s license information and/ or your social security number are asked for in the application.
  • The position promises a high amount of pay for minimal work.
  • The organization claims to be local, but you have never heard of a local branch.
  • The contact for the position uses a, @hotmail, @yahoo, @gmail, or other email not associated with the web domain of the company.