Graduate Schools and Opportunities

We have the latest versions of the ASA Guide to Graduate Programs in Sociology in the office at 201 Fernald Hall.

4-11-19: Article from US News and World Report on “What can you do with a Sociology degree?

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Humboldt State University’s MA program in Sociology. Our MA program is unique, with an explicit focus on Public Sociology. We encourage our students to take the sociological imagination they gain in their undergraduate courses, and use this unique perspective to create a socially just society. Our program is a good fit for students who would like to get a career without needing a PhD (e.g. to lead a non-profit, work for a government agency, or teach at a Community College), though the program is also great preparation for doctoral programs. Students also get to choose if they would rather write a thesis or complete a hands-on project with a community partner. In the Teaching Sociology emphasis, students learn cutting-edge pedagogical practices, and receive both hands-on experience and close mentorship. This is great preparation for teaching at the community college level, a teaching assistantship in a PhD program, facilitating and leading groups, and designing educational materials. In the Practicing Sociology emphasis, students learn a variety of research skills, tailored to their research/or and career goals. Practicing Sociology students, this year, have been evaluating the academic advising practices on campus to hone their program evaluation and other skills as part of what we call their Public Sociology Toolkit.

Master of Science in Criminology from Thomas College. The Master’s in Criminology is a unique program in the state of Maine and in the field of criminology, and the only Maine college offering a Master’s degree in Criminology. This degree returns the study of criminology to its expansive roots of psychology, sociology, and political science and applies its lessons to crime and criminal justice in the 21st century.

Masters in Applied Sociology from Northern Arizona University. The MA in Sociology at Northern Arizona University is designed to increase your understanding of group, organizational, and institutional processes that structure communities and human experience. We emphasize the application of sociological theory, knowledge, and methodologies in efforts to address modern issues and problems facing society.

Saint Mary’s University has a Masters in Criminology Program. The Department of Sociology and Criminology at Saint Mary’s offers one of the few graduate programs in North America aimed at students whose intellectual interests lie in critical criminology. Application Deadline February 1, 2015.

Eastern Kentucky University’s Criminal Justice master’s degree program has 22 well-funded research assistantships.

University of North Carolina Wilmington has a Sociology and Criminology MA Program.

Criminology and criminal justice are areas in which many people have career interests. Adding the Crime, Law, Justice concentration to your degree program will assure that you have the background needed should you choose to continue on for a master’s degree in criminology or criminal justice or begin your career in these fields. Article about job growth in criminology and criminal justice. has a section for the best online graduate programs in Criminal Justice.