UMaine Graduate School Centennial Update

Community Letter from the Dean of the Graduate School

It was last January when with great joy and excitement I invited you to join us for a year-long celebration of the centennial anniversary of the creation of the Graduate School at the University of Maine. Since 1923 the Graduate School has been at the forefront of advancing graduate education in support of the workforce and economic development in Maine and beyond, including in the discovery of new knowledge, solving real-world problems of global impact and local relevance. I am in constant admiration for the successes of our graduates and grateful to the faculty and staff who continue to create excellent research and academic opportunities for our students.

In commemoration of the Graduate School centennial and through collaboration with the University of Maine Foundation the Graduate Centennial Impact Fund has been established as part of a fundraising campaign to advance graduate education at the University of Maine and particularly help meet the following critical needs:

  • Provide a competitive edge in programs, research, and resources through endowed chairs and distinguished professorships.
  • Create more opportunities for students through graduate fellowships, which in turn will support continued success in research and innovation.
  • Enhance technological resources that will improve learning experiences across the institution and elevate capacity as a modern 21st-century research university.
  • Structure support services for students to remove barriers, motivate and encourage students, and foster a welcoming and open community, with a priority of retaining students through the successful attainment of their degrees. 

We recognize the importance of providing our graduate students with the premier graduate programs and the resources that they need to be successful, both in and out of the classroom, and I am confident that with your support and the dedication of our faculty and staff, we will achieve these goals and continue to make a significant impact on the lives of our students and their impact on the world. If you wish to become involved in the Centennial, or to discuss how your support may be most helpful, please contact me or Lyz Teixeira at


Kody Varahramyan, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School