New Research Reporting Dashboard now available!

The UMaine Research Information Management team is pleased to announce the launch of the Research Reporting Dashboard – a self-service resource giving the UMaine community access to commonly requested research activity data, including proposal submissions and awards received.

Users will sign in to the dashboard using their UMaine single sign-on username and password. They can conveniently view, export and print reports with filters, such as by department, date and other historical data.

The dashboard is continuously updated – no more waiting for the end of the month to see important information.

Additionally, the dashboard provides the capability for users to export their customized reports as many formats, including PDF and Excel files.

Customizable reports are available upon request. Based on specific data needs, more detailed reports are available to Deans, Chairs, Directors and Financial Administrators.

The Research Reporting Dashboard was designed to be accessible and provide an efficient resource during peak data-collection times – such as annual reporting.

The Research Information Management team hopes to integrate more internal data, include more data sources and create tutorials as the dashboard continues to expand and improve with feedback from the community.

For more information, please visit the Research Information Management page.

Access the Research Reporting Dashboard at this link: