GSBSE annual meeting fosters research collaboration across Maine

“A small program filled with big opportunities”

The Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering (GSBSE) held its annual meeting on September 21 at the University of Maine’s Wells Conference Center.

The day featured 42 student presentations (including oral and poster presentations and a 3-Minute Thesis® competition), an award ceremony and the opportunity for faculty and students from five affiliate sites to network and learn about research projects across the state of Maine.

The GSBSE is a unique graduate program that includes the University of Maine as the degree granting institution and cooperating academic research institutions including Maine Medical Center Research Institute, University of Southern Maine, University of New England, MDI Biological Laboratory and The Jackson Laboratory.

Elisabeth Kilroy, biomedical science, is a graduate student in the program who presented her research “Reversing the Tide of Muscle Wasting in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy” to a crowd of attendees she considers family.

“We support each other and take pride in the program,” said Kilroy. “GSBSE is a small program but it is filled with big opportunities.”

Others agree that the close-knit cohort is a beneficial aspect for the success of the program.

“The comradery in the GSBSE program is inspiring,” said Kristen Freeman, Executive Assistant to the GSBSE Management Team.

Complementary areas of expertise make for unique collaborations

Faculty mentors also enjoyed the opportunities for networking the annual meeting provided.

“Viewing the student research and meeting with their mentors adds to the potential for research collaborations,” said Gregory Cox of The Jackson Laboratory.

These collaborations are important for the state of Maine. According to Scott Delcourt, Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School, the GSBSE is a necessary source of support for Maine’s biotechnology industry.

While providing local opportunities for advancement in workforce and economic development, the research work published by the program has important impacts on national and international levels, according to Cox.

The GSBSE strives to continue its outstanding doctoral programs and increase awareness of the opportunity for students to attend a top biomedical science and engineering program.

More photos from the event can be found in this online gallery.

More information of the Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering at UMaine can be found on their website.

Media Contact: Christel Peters