Faculty Research Fund Awardees

FY 2016 Faculty Research Award Recipients

Award Title Recipient
Regular Faculty Research Competition FY16  Contagion of Depressive Symptoms, Self-Harm, and Suicidality in Social Networks ($7980) Schwartz-Mette, Rebecca (PSYC)
 Green Leafy Vegetable Gardens to Promote Older Adult Wellness ($6825) Strout, Kelley (SFA)
Scholarly Materials and Equipment Competition FY16 Makerbot Replicator Printer and Surface Pro 4 ($8795) DePoy, Elizabeth (CCIDS)
Design Builder Software, Retrotec Blower Door Tester with Smoke Wand, Thermal Image Camera ($9568) Friess, Wilhelm (MECH)
Summer Faculty Research Competition FY16 ($8000 awards – summary salary) Evaluation of Policies Promoting Mangrove Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods in Coastal Ecuador  Beitl, Christine (ANTH)
 A Study of Stylin for Social Change Gilson, Stepehn (SOCW)
Boosting Your Toolkit: Learning How to Measure Gene Expression in Avian Neuropeptides, Regulating Migratory Feeding and Fattening Holberton, Rebecca (SBE)
 Glass Houses and Timebombs: Research Toward the Completion of My Assignments, A Novel in Progress Howard, Gregory (ENG)
 Impact of Web and Social Media Strategies on New Business Development by Veterans Jones, Nory (MBS)
A Study of Solid Waste and Waste Disposal Processes for Isolated Patients with Infectious Disease Saber, Deborah (NURS)