University Teaching Council

University Teaching Council Year-End Report 2018-2019

The mission of the UTC is to celebrate teaching and to elevate the profile of instruction both on and off campus. The UTC will 1) advocate for instructional excellence and 2) assist the Provost in the development of mechanisms to achieve and maintain excellence.
The UTC will review issues associated with teaching, summarize relevant information, and make recommendations to the Provost for action. Examples of topics that the UTC may consider include: exploration of funding mechanisms to promote teaching, review of modalities to recognize teaching, review of resources to elevate the profile of teaching, review of curricular requirements, review of teaching evaluation instruments and uses of evaluation data. The UTC may develop short-term and long-term plans for issues affecting teaching.
The UTC and the Provost need to be mindful that many, if not most, exceptional faculty at the University of Maine have never been formally recognized, that the UTC should not become another organizational layer (potentially retarding development), and that a perceived elite is not created through recognition of teaching excellence and great teachers.

The UTC shall be composed of four (4) faculty members and three (3) ex officio members. The Faculty Senate shall be represented by one (1) member. The Provost shall appoint all other faculty members. Appointed faculty may be of any rank, but shall have exceptional interest in teaching. Appointed individuals need not be limited to those having received awards (e.g., Distinguished Maine Professor, Presidential Teaching Award, college teaching awards).
Faculty members serve terms of four (4) years. Each year, one faculty member will rotate off the Council. At its formation, membership of the Council shall be constituted to enable this rotation. Ex officio members shall be the Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, the Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies & Senior Associate Dean, the Director of Institutional Studies, and the Executive Director of Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Ex officio members may appoint designees when appropriate. The Council may assist the Provost in the selection of new members.

Current membership:
Jeff St. John, Senior Associate Provost, ex officio
Scott Delcourt, Associate Vice President for Graduate Students and Senior Associate Dean, ex officio
Peter Schilling, Executive Director of Division of Lifelong Learning, ex officio
Natasha Speer, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
Jordan LaBouff, Assistant Professor Honors/Psychology
Melissa Ladenheim, Associate Dean, Honors College
Sara Walton, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Justin Dimmel, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education and Instructional Technology
Lindsay Seward, Instructor in Wildlife Ecology
Amber Gray, Instructor, Social Science, and Humanities Reference Librarian

Reports to: Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost