Think 30 – video transcript

When you enroll in college there’s so much to do. Study. Learn by doing research or field work. Get a job. Leave a little time to have some fun or make a difference in the community.

As part of the UMaine experience we help you do all that and more, including Think30.

At the University of Maine, we want students to complete their degrees in four years.

That saves money and reduces student debt.

To finish in four, UMaine academic advisors can help students focus on complete 30 credit hours a year.

Think30 by taking classes on campus and online- in the spring and fall semesters and in summer and winter.

We’ve done the math. The sooner you graduate the sooner you can start grad school or a career.

So talk to your academic advisors. Take courses on campus and online. Both are offered year-round.

And remember to Think30.

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