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Chris Bartram: We’re specifically looking at data-supported insights into retention as it relates to summer programs. We’re looking at our outdoor orientation program as well as a variety of other summer opportunities for students.

Research is showing right now that outdoor orientation, as well as other prep programs, are helping student retention due to the small group interactions and the social support around it. The real thing that we’re trying to bridge right now is we’re looking at the academic side of things and how we can prepare them academically to succeed in their classes.

I’m so passionate about student development and how we can help our students succeed on campus. That was the primary reason I got involved. It keeps me inspired every day. If you look at retention of students who are academically more challenged, our outdoor orientation program alone increases student retention by 18 percent.

We already know that the things that we’re doing are successful. It’s just a matter of expanding them in a sustainable way.