Student Success Hub video with transcript

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Katie Taylor: The work of our group is to create a space for students, like a one-stop shop, a place where, if a student has nowhere else to go or has no idea where else to go, they can come here and get whatever answer they need. If they have a question about academics, financial aid, how to study, a resource, or anything like that, they could come here.

We’ll refer them to where they need to go, call people, and make appointments for them, just a place to go. There’s nothing worse than getting bounced around, especially when you’re a new student, a first-year student, and you still have no idea which way is up. We stop the bouncing around.

I think it’ll help improve tension. They won’t feel as lost or as intimated to go find a faculty member or go find an office. They’ll just come here, see a friendly face, and we can be like, “Yes, we can help you with whatever you need.”