Academic Affairs glossary of commonly used acronyms

The following acronyms are heavily used on our website and in the documents our site hosts. We hope a glossary may prove useful to those who are less familiar with these University of Maine acronyms.

AFUM – Associated Faculties of the University of Maine System

ASCC – Advanced Structures and Composites Center

ASCUM/COLT – Associated Clerical Laboratory Technical Staff of the Universities of Maine

BOT – Board of Trustees

BOV – Board of Visitors

DMC – Darling Marine Center

PACE – Provost’s Advisory Council on Equity

PATFA – Maine Part-Time Faculty Association

PCRRC – Program Creation and Reorganization Review Committee

PDC – Process Development Center 

PFE – Programs for Examination

RCTF – The University of Maine/University of Maine at Machias Regional Campus Task Force

RLE – Research Learning Experience

SVV – Strategic Vision and Values

UMPSA – University of Maine Professional Staff Association

UPCC – Undergraduate Program Curriculum Committee

UTC – University Teaching Council