We have three main priorities – Academics, Leadership Development, and Physical Fitness.

  • Academics:
    • Minimum GPA of 2.5
    • Pass all required classes
    • Complete Bachelors Degree on time
    • Complete Naval Science Curriculum

      Required Courses for Naval Science Curriculum

      Note: 1. SSMP is only applicable for students seeking specific degrees while attending Maine Maritime Academy.
      Note: 2. Discuss specifics with your NROTC Advisor prior to registering for classes.

      • Leadership Development:
        • Naval Leadership Laboratory (NAV100)
        • Leadership positions within the unit and on campus
      • Physical Fitness Requirements:
        • Unit Physical Training 2-3 times per week: M,W,F 0600-0700 (6am-7am)
        • Physical Fitness Assessments, twice per semester
          •  PRT Minimum Standards (Navy): Good Low score to stay within good standing.
          • PFT Standards (USMC): Must score 235 or higher to stay within good standing.
        • Annual Swim Qualification

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