Graduate Program Outcomes

Graduate Program Outcomes are aligned with 2020 ASHA/CAA Standards for Clinical Certification in Speech-Language Pathology:


At the completion of the program the graduate will have demonstrated:


  • knowledge of statistics as well as the biological, physical, and social/behavioral sciences.


  • knowledge of basic human communication and swallowing processes, including the appropriate biological, neurological, acoustic, psychological, developmental, and linguistic and cultural bases. The applicant must have demonstrated the ability to integrate information pertaining to normal and abnormal human development across the life span.
  • knowledge of communication and swallowing disorders and differences, including the appropriate etiologies, characteristics, and anatomical/physiological, acoustic, psychological, developmental, and linguistic and cultural correlates
  • current knowledge of the principles and methods of prevention, assessment, and intervention for persons with communication and swallowing disorders, including consideration of anatomical/physiological, psychological, developmental, and linguistic and cultural correlates


  • knowledge of standards of ethical conduct consistent with ASHA standards of ethical practice.


  • knowledge of processes used in research and of the integration of research principles into evidence-based clinical practice.


  • knowledge of contemporary professional issues.


  • knowledge of entry level and advanced certifications, licensure, and other relevant professional credentials, as well as local, state, and national regulations and policies relevant to professional practice.


  • skills in oral and written or other forms of communication sufficient for entry into professional practice.