Undergraduate Advising

Communication Science and Disorders advisors look forward to answering your questions and helping you to enroll. The CSD faculty generally post available appointment times on their office doors and/or through email. You should plan ahead before meeting with your advisor and have a list of what classes you would like to take.

Please follow these simple steps:

  • Keep an eye out for any emails about upcoming enrollment periods and your enrollment day and time.
  • Make a wish list in MaineStreet by logging in and using the wish list feature in your Student Center.
  • If you are unsure of what to take, review the CSD Undergraduate Program Page and the General Education Requirements.
  • You can still have your wish list approved and receive your PIN even if you have a hold on your account.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor. Arrive to your appointment prepared and on time with your wish list ready and any questions you may have. Due to high demand and brief appointments, your advisor needs a starting point. If you arrive unprepared, you will be asked to finish your wish list and make another appointment.

Goals of Academic Advising

  • To help students plan an academic program in line with their interests and abilities.
  • To assist students to monitor and evaluate their academic progress.
  • To refer students to University services as needed.
  • To help students to understand University policies and procedures.
  • To help students to understand the nature and purpose of a liberal arts education.

Expectations for Student Advisees

  • Learn as much as possible about academic policies and requirements. Students should know how to locate the on-line Student Handbook at and Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Keep and update records of progress toward program requirements. Each student should keep and update program checklists for General Education and college requirements and major/minor requirements. While advisors can be helpful in reviewing requirements, only the student is responsible for meeting graduation requirements.
  • Prepare for Advising Sessions. Students should make a written list of issues they want to discuss with their advisor. Having a written “agenda” helps the advisor plan the session. Students should review courses offerings for the upcoming semester in areas of interest to them before they arrive for their advising appointment.
  • Be respectful and courteous. Students should make advising appointments and keep them, or if necessary, cancel them in a timely fashion.

Commonly Used Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

MaineStreet won’t let me enroll in a class even though it’s on my wish list?

  • The course is full. If this is the case, you should automatically be put on the wait list. MaineStreet automatically enrolls people from the wait list in order if space becomes available before the last add date.
  • You do not meet the prerequisites for the course. You can put a class on your wish list even if you do not meet these requirements, but you will not be able to enroll. Double check the course description to see if there are any listed. Instructor email permission may be required.
  • You are already enrolled in too many credits. MaineStreet will only allow enrollment in up to 18 credits per semester.
  • You are already enrolled in a class during the scheduled time. MaineStreet prevents you from enrolling in courses that have scheduling conflicts.

How do I find important information and deadlines about enrollment and planning my courses?

  • You can visit the class site feature on MaineStreet to find available classes. All dates for registration and enrolling for classes can be found on the University’s academic calendar.

How do I know what classes I have left to take for my major?

  • You can find your degree progress in the student self service center on MaineStreet. This report will tell you what requirements you have completed and what remains. This report will not show if an exception has been made for any of your requirements.

I want to sign up for summer courses. Do I need a PIN?

  • No, you should be able to sign up on your own. If you have filed for May graduation but need to take a summer course, you can still walk in graduation as planned, but will need to file as an August graduate.

I’ve finished all my requirements. Why can’t I graduate?

  • Graduation requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. This number of credits is required for all students, no matter what your major is. Fulfilling all of your requirements will not often get you to the required number of credits. It is recommended that you take at least 15 credits per semester in order to graduate in four years.