Robert M. Bowie M.D.

Prof. Robert M. Bowie
Prof. Robert M. Bowie
Professor of Practice

  • B.S. (Physics) Virginia Commonwealth University, 1985
  • M.S. (Biomedical Engineering) Medical College of Virginia, 1987
  • M.D. (Doctor of Medicine and Surgery) Medical College of Virginia, 1992
  • Residency Emergency Medicine, Brown University/Rhode Island Hospitals, 1997 completed

Phone: 207.581.2216
Fax: 207.581.2323

Research Interests

Long Distance Medicine.  Rural Medicine.  Remote Search and Rescue.  UAVs and sensor use in assessing and finding lost and missing persons.  Telemedicine in Search and Rescue. Cold Injury Frostbite and Hypothermia.

Current Research

  • Development of UAV and Rover based sensor platforms to find and assess patients in Search and Rescue.
  • Use of High resolution imaging for finding missing and lost, processing and analysis of imaging for optimizing to locate patients.
  • EMS improved Improved Medevac Techniques.
  • Hazmat applications for UAV sensor systems for first responders.

Selected Publications

Publications of Prof. Robert Bowie (PDF)