Expanding Market Opportunities for Maine Kelp Grown by Fishermen

Lead PI: Briana Warner

PI Email: bwarner@oceanapproved.com

Project Team: Briana Warner, Atlantic Sea Farms; Peter Rahn, Atlantic Sea Farms; Jesse Baines, Atlantic Sea Farms; Zoe Croft, Atlantic Sea Farms

Abstract: Atlantic Sea Farms’ mission is to create opportunities for small, owner- operated fishermen/farmers to farm kelp as an off-season income source and reduce dependence on Maine’s lobster monoculture. With all of this in mind, ASF is doing something that has not been done before at scale–developing an entirely new market for fresh, domestic kelp. The largest barrier for the company to further amplify its positive environmental and economic impact is the development of the domestic market. The challenge is to create value-added products that are craveable, delicious, and have mass appeal. Increased and improved product development would expand awareness of Maine kelp’s unique ability to taste great and nourish families across the country every day, and therefore allow ASF to activate more partner farmers while positioning kelp aquaculture as a strong climate change solution for Maine. The project team plans to develop guidelines for product development, identify potential new products, perform field trials of a select few new products, and ultimately deliver 1-2 new products to market as a result of this project.

Project Dates: November 2021 – December 2021

Project Funding: Maine Aquaculture HUB