Tyler Everett facilitating Upcoming Tribal Nation Community Meetings about Ash Management

Dates: Still being finalized
For Tribal Nation members only

Beginning in February 2024, Tyler Everett is conducting four in-person community meetings with the communities of each Tribal Nation partner (Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point Sipayik and Indian Township [joint meeting], Penobscot Nation, Mi’kmaq Nation, and Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians) to discuss ash management priorities. These meetings will serve as a platform to review and discuss the possible management options offered from a western science-based approach to EAB with our Tribal Nation partners. We will be inviting Tribal natural resource staff along with university researchers to serve as presenters during the community meeting focus groups. 

If you are an enrolled member of one of these Tribal Nations and would like to attend, please contact Tyler at tyler.everett@maine.edu

The research team encourages the participation of Wabanaki basket makers and ash harvesters from each respective Tribal Nation to ensure that the perspective of traditional knowledge holders are not just considered, but leading these decisions on what management options are viable for responding to the emerald ash borer infestation on their respective Tribal Nation territories. The lessons learned and major takeaways from these focus group sessions will also be valuable in providing guidance to non-Tribal partners of the research project that can adjust their approaches to emerald ash borer management and response, off of Tribal lands, accordingly.