Abbreviation Building Name
1944 Class of 1944 Hall
A Aubert Hall
AA Alfond Arena
ADVSTRUC Advanced Structures and Composites Center
AL Alumni Hall
AMC Advanced Manufacturing Center
ARC Aquaculture Research Building
ARM Armory
B Bennett Hall
BAL Balentine Hall
BD Boardman Hall
BOU Boudreau Hall
BGSC Edward Bryand Global Sciences Center
BW Barrows Hall
CA Canadian American Center
CHD Chadbourne Hall
CO Corbett Hall
COL Colvin Hall
COL Thomson Honors Center
CR Carnegie Hall
CY Crosby Hall
D Deering Hall
DC Darling Marine Center
DPC Donald P. Corbett Business Building
DU Dunn Hall
E Estabrooke Hall
F Fernald Hall
FC Franco American Centre
FEEDC Ferland Engineering & Education Design Center
FH Field House
FHC Frederick Hutchinson Center
FSIC Foster Student Innovation Center
FSTA Sculpture Studio
G Roger Clapp Greenhouses
HAU Hauck Auditorium
HH Hannibal Hamlin Hall
HO Holmes Hall
HR Hitchner Hall
IMRC Innovation Media Research Center
J Jenness Hall
L Lord Hall
LIB Libby Hall
LL Lengyel Gym
LY Fogler Library Computer Lab
M Murray Hall
MAP The Maples
MBAC Maine Bound Adventure Center
MCA Collins Center for the Arts
ML Merrill Hall
MM Memorial Gym Complex
N Nutting Hall
NV Neville Hall
PAV Edgar Allan Cyrus Pavillion Theater
R Rogers Hall
S Stevens Hall
SAE Sigma Alpha Epsilon
SAF Research Facility
SANXA South Annex A
SANXB South Annex B
SERC Sawyer Environmental Research Center
SL Shibles Hall
SM Norman Smith Hall
SRFC Student Recreation and Fitness Center
SS South Stevens Hall
SWB Social Work Building, South Annex C
WAC Wyeth Family Studio Art Center
WC Witter Farm
WL Wells Commons
WH Williams Hall
WW Winslow Hall