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The UMaine Business Challenge (UBC) looks to provide collegiate entrepreneurs with the support necessary to transform their business dreams into reality. The UBC will partner with the State of Maine, the Maine Entrepreneurial community, and the University of Maine with the shared goal of contributing to the long-term growth of Maine’s economy.


The second competition will be launched on September 1, 2012 with the intent to participate stage. The second stage of the competition will begin on December 1, 2013, with the release of our questionnaire and executive summary requirements. The finalists will be announced February 10th and these exceptional few will be asked to submit complete business plans to a panel of judges by first week of April 2013.

There will be over $10,000 in a combination of cash prizes and consulting services available for the competitors. In addition, the selection committee will look to provide additional connections for the companies involved. It is our goal to create a resource for the entrepreneurs even after the competition. Experience tells us that these connections prove to be invaluable for the success of a new and developing business.

The winning team will receive a check from the UBC Fund at the Celebration banquet on the 20th of April. Winning teams must be present to receive their check.

The UBC owes a special thanks to the University of Maine Business School, the Innovations Center, the Class of 2010, and the University Credit Union for sponsoring the second annual competition. Furthermore, the UBC would not be possible if not for the continued efforts of current staff and alumni of the University of Maine. We are grateful for the support and know that their efforts are going towards a great cause.